Friday, December 31, 2010

UKC results

Peace ended the year as the #3 cardigan! Earlier in the year I saw that she was on the top 10 list and I thought to myself wouldnt it be special if she could end the year on the list? Well, we did it! Peace ended the year as  #3 cardigan.  Granted, we didnt have lots of breed points, but its still kind of nice to see.

Then to make it better, UKC finally got Magic posted as the number 11 Ultra Dog!  My dogs make me proud, no matter how we do, but seeing those sucesses does really make me feel good. I often lament that I am not the best trainer, or handler, and I am not, but I do love to play with my dogs and I think they like playing with me.

Today as we go into the new year, I am thankful that I am blessed with these 4 special dogs.  And I am greatful and thankful that my family who have helped so much this year, also feel they are a blessing and love them as much as I do.


UWP URO1 Ch Cardiridge State of Grace RA

UWP Ch Daybreake's Peaceful Dreams BIMBS

Daybreakes Mariners Dream

Although I have no specific plans for next year, I have a feeling that there will be some new letters appearing along the way. Cardigans are the best!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A look toward 2011

2010 hasn’t been a bad year, but it’s had  moments. We lost Jade (parrotlet), Sam (cat) and Kazin (huskyX). We had the scare with Magic and the tumors, which although it could return, at least now we are prepared.  David and Darryl are both working, although only part time, it is definitely better than not at all. Due to this  we haven’t been able to afford upgrading anything, but we are able to maintain and I am greatful.

The dogs and the family all played together this year, and overall we were successful and had a very good time. We spent time together, doing things we love, with the people we love and enjoy which is never a bad thing. We spent time with new and old friends, sharing lots of laughter and a few tears too.  Goals were met, revised or let go as seemed appropriate at the time.

Looking ahead to 2011, I am not going to set any hard and specific title goals. All of my goals are going to be less tangible, more subjective, such as relationships, focus, foundations.  I am going to let this year flow and follow along and see where we wind up.  We will continue our training and try some new things in our current classes, nosework, agility and  obedience. There a a few new things I possibly see on the horizon, herding and maybe even flyball if we can get into the class. (Its limited to 12, so I dont know yet.)  I am hoping to attend Premier this year, and would love to attend the Cardigan National, but finances will dictate.

To end the ramble, let me just say THANK YOU to those who have touched our lives. You have enriched us in so many ways, some large some small, but all appreciated. I wish you the goodness life can bring and a healthy, happy, safe New Year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

All of us at Daybreake Cardigans and Dancing Feather Parrotlets wish you a very Merry Christmas.  We wish you Peace and Joy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I know I just said next year I was going to focus on Grace, but now I am thinking I want to take Magic to flyball classes. I just think he would LOVE flyball. Balls Barking & Running, what could be better?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 - The year of Grace!

I am thinking 2011 will be Grace's year.  This is probably being optimistic, but I would like to start trialing Grace in both agility and obedience next year. Am I crazy?  Probably. If her attitude at agility class was any indication if I am not crazy now, I will be by 2012.

Stir Crazy Dogs

My dogs are going crazy. Its been so cold, they don't want to be outside, yet they don't want to be inside either. Last night we must have been in and out 10 times an hour, for 3 minutes a time. Grace is the least cold hardy-she will be fine then moments later she is on her belly refusing to move. I am thinking about trying booties for them all as it seems to be cold feet that is the most problematic.  Anyone tried booties? Will your corgis keep them on? 

If they knock over one more thing inside, they may permanently move out.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Setting Goals and Priorities

The other day I was sitting at my desk filling out some paperwork for one of the dog clubs I belong to. It was regarding awards earned this year. It got me to thinking, about this last year, what we did , where we went, the goals we met and those we did not meet. It got me thinking about priorities, and where to go from here.

Trying to think about what ultimately my goals for each of my dogs is-do I really have any, or do I just want to keep going, doing and playing, or do I want to focus on something specific?  One of my frineds really wants an OTCH, another a MACH. What do I want, I am not really sure. I dont know that I really want to excel at any one thing, I think I like just playing around and having fun. Doing lots of things but nothing to exclusion?  I have 4 dogs, do I want to focus on one or two, or do I mess a little with all of them?

How do you decide your goals and priorities?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Weekend, Monday Blues

Well its Monday again and that means back to work. I hate my job, but as the only person in my family with a full time job, I am terrifically happy that I have it, so I won't complain and just motor on.

This weekend was the UGSDA clubs last UKC show for the year.  Sadly due to the weather there were not nearly as many people at the show, but it was fun none the less.  The UGSDA club is the one that is looking at bringing UKC agility back to Minnesota, so I think its important to support the club.  I entered both Grace and Peace, and asked a couple of my non conformation friends to come give me a hand showing.  Saturday Crystal  (Reactive Champion) came and handled Grace.  Crystal had never done the conformation thing, so this was entirely new for her. And she did a great job, she and Grace beat Peace and I and they took a Group 3. (Which was better than Peace did in any of the other shows.)  I was so happy to see them do so well and to be able to watch my dog from the outside of the ring.  I made Crystal take the ribbons home. I think she had a good time, I know I did!

Christi (Maggie the weight pulling Border Collies mom) was also there this weekend.  She was helping another friend with her Weims, and she also took Grace in for one of the shows yesterday.  I've watched Christi showing several times now, and she just keeps getting better and better.  i am thinking it wont be long before she has a conformation dog too. 

In the second show yesterday, Christi was in the ring with the weims so I asked Suri, one of the young juniors if she would like to take Grace in.  She couldnt lift her, but we asked the judge if the steward would be allowed to help with the lifting to the table which she was fine with.  I was so happy to see how well Suri handled Grace, and equally how really nicely Grace showed for her.  Suri is really getting to be a good handler, both in the conformation ring and with her weight pulling sammy.  Its so fun to watch these kids grow and learn.

Yesterday I alos handled DJ a little Papillon for Carol.  I adore DJ he is just such a fun little guy, but compared tothe cardis it is like having a fly on a string!  We didnt win, but then we weren't supposed to so I guess thats OK. Carols little black and white pap took breed 3 out of the 4 shows at only 8 months old. She is a stunner, very flashy and hasa terrific attitude. 

Plus I won a bunch of stuff in the raffle to support a local GSD and Corgi rescue. All in all an enjoyable weekend.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Monday Night Focus

I am so happy with the progress Grace is making in our focus class.  Its always been a challenge keeping Graces attention. Little things like other dogs near her caused her to want to turn away and look at the other dogs.  (Probably due to the time she was jumped from behind when entering the conformation ring, it seems like she doesn't like to turn her back on other dogs)

Last night in class we were working on her mat, keeping focused attention, while other dogs were moving around. A little cocker actual stepped on Graces tail and she never took her eyes away from me, the most reaction she gave was an ear flick!  Good girl.

Now, the barking and conversing with me may never stop....she always has something to say!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has a safe, happy Thanksgiving tomorrow. And I hope those of you who are crazy shoppers drive safely and get enough sleep to bear the crowds.

I am not a shopper, so might take in some dog events this weekend, or maybe I will just stay home and enjoy the downtime.  I hope you all enjoy your time and family too.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grace and Focus

Grace is not what I would call a reactive dog, but she is a very non focused/attention deficit dog.  In other words while she doesn't worry about or snark at  other dogs, she also wants to know what everyone else is doing/going/saying but also she wants everyone to  know what she thinks about stuff too.. So a few weeks ago we started a focus and attention class with our agility instructor.

Last night in class we worked on stays, recalls and toys/food distractions.  Grace was none to happy about the stays, breaking her stay fairly frequently. She was also not too happy about the recalls. or maybe it was the corrections for breaking her stay. When she breaks, her stays though, it does not appear that she is breaking because of the other dogs or distractions. So I think its more of a training issue than a focus one.  At one point after breaking her stay immediately twice, I of course returned after 5 steps or so and rewarded that she hadnt broke. Then I asked her to stay again and went about 10 feet, turned and called her. Grace in typical Grace fashion, came, but got 3 feet away stopped and started complaining. Silly girl.

She did fairly well though with moving through the toys and treats on the floor, only lunging occassionally. The funny thing is with Grace its not that she wants the toy or the food, like some of the other dogs. She just wants to know what it is, then she if fine leaving it. Just gotta get that sniff. 

On the plus side, she is getting much better about laying on her mat and not caring what the other dogs are doing when its not her turn.  Last night she never left her mat once due to other dogs/people going by her. She only left her mat to jump on me and beg.  Good girl.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Getting myself motivated

I admit, I am lazy.  I dont work my dogs everyday.  I should, but I dont.  I need to find a way to get motivated enough to get my dogs trained.  I am thinking that maybe if I show this weekend at the ASCA trial, I might be motivated enough (by embarrassment) to actually train my dogs? Think that would work?

Thought for the Day

Simply keep a place within you where it is welcomed, and happiness will come and abide with you forever.

~Hugh Prather

Friday, November 19, 2010

Magics latest pics

Magics UWPCH from Gateway  Photo by Thomas Photography

 Magics ARCH  Photo by Crystal Image Pet Photography.

I finally got around to scanning these.  He is very photogenic, me, not so much.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


She is so much like her mother, Grace. Love the happy face.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Isnt she cute!

We dont like winter. we are always COLD!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Godspeed Kazin

He wasnt a show dog, he wasnt a performance dog. He was just a really good dog.  Goodbye old man,

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Magics Pulling Video

A very nice fellow puller took a video of Magic pulling. This is Sunday when he pulled 635.  He also took some of Carol and her Pap Casanova and Christi and her BC Maggie who pulled over 1200. I wasnt aware he was taking these, but am very happy to be able to watch it.  As you can see, Magic talks alot, and that tail is always going.

Magic pulls 635 at Gateway

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


We are all simply exhausted. I had a great time in Missouri at the Gateway Nationals. Maybe too good of a time. I entered Magic in every performance event at least once. Magic worked his butt off for me and I couldn't be prouder of my little guy. Peace didn't get to do as much but was also a very good girl. I guess I can honestly say she is the winningest Cardigan in conformation ever at the Gateway Nationals, since she was the only one who competed!
  On Friday we had the first weight pull, for Magic 2nd place and 15 points, his first coursing attempt, Q, and Peace also Q'd at the pull with a 5 point pull. Peace also was entered in 3 conformation events, but we only were able to make 2.
   Saturday was the busiest. Peace again had 2 conformation shows, and she gave lure coursing a try.  Although she seemed interested when other dogs ran, she wasnt willing to run alone, so no Q.  Magic though was busy, we Q'd both AG1 runs, with a 199 and a 190, but had some trouble with the crawl tunnel and NQd both AG2s. Rally was 2 runs, with a 96 tied for first place but lost on time, and an NQ. It was late in the day near 7 PM and I apparently forgot what left means. His lure coursing run was great, another Q, but the dock diving we tried was not so good.  He was a little too nervous to jump in the pool.  I wasnt sure what he would do, he has only done it in a pond and the gorgeous pool set up at Purina was just to scary for the little guy.
   Sunday gave Peace and I another 2 conformation shows, and Magic again pulled.  This time although he earned another 2nd, it was only a 10 point pull, but that was enough to earn his United Weight Puller Championship. Then we ran another lure, and earned the 3rd Q for his CA, coursing aptitude.  The judges thought he was the first corgi to earn one. In Rally, Magic and I managed another 2 Q's in rally which gave us our URO3-both 3rd places I think.  Poor guy this was the last event of the day and during his last honor sit, he almost fell asleep. His eyes were slowly closing and he was drifting off, good thing I could talk to him and keep him awake!
   All in all a terrific time. I am planning on Premier in the summer, and hoping to have more dogs to go, so Magic doesn't have to do all the work! What a great boy he is.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Off to MO

Tonight we are leaving for MO for the UKC show.  I am really excited, yet somewhat dissapointed.  I had hoped for some cardigan competition, but we will go and have fun anyways.  Magic my little do everything guy will be my main partner.  We are going to play at just about everything.  Its there, so why not, right?
He is already entered for 2 weight pulls, 4 agility runs, 3 lure coursing runs and I am thinking about throwing in some rally.  They also have dock diving, but I am not sure if he will do that after our one rather sad attempt when he sort of sank.  I wonder if he could try it with a life jacket? He is such a great dog and although things with his breeder are strained at best, I will always be greatful for Magic. For a first cardigan, he is the best.

Peace and I will play in the conformation ring, but she is also pulling on Friday.  I really need to get her trained for other events, but I am thinking maybe I will let her watch lure coursing, and if she seems interested at all, maybe she can give it a try as well. 

I wish all of you going to Sioux Falls a wonderful and successful time.  I really hope all of you win, but since I know that cant happen, I will hope you all have a really good time.  Although I was really torn about whether to do MO or SF, I am really glad we are going to go play. I like conformation, but performance stuff is where my heart really is.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thought for the day

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

2010 Goal Status

Here is  what I had in mind for the years goals as of last December.

Magic-Magic will hopefully do some more weight pulling. Met I would like to have him work toward his ARCH  MET and see if maybe we can earn his CDX.  We have done some work, but not nearly enough.

Grace-. I would like to get her back to agility classes, Met and actively working  Grace also earned her UWP

Peace-gets to take the year off.  Peace earned her UWP and has played a little in the breed ring, but primarily has had the year off. 

Siren-Siren will begin formal training. As in a training class. I am not disciplined enough to work my dogs as they should be, on my own, so I am going to commit to getting at least one title on Siren this year.
Well, she earned a couple of legs toward a weight pull title, but the actual training class she is in is Nosework. I am happy with this, but would also like to see us at least try to work toward some obedience work.
Overall so far I am relatively pleased, but I do need to get in gear with obedience. I feel all my dogs need to have obedeince titles of some sort, so this will need to be my focus the rest of the year.  Which will fall into place nicely with the end of year budget being primarily gone, we can do much of this work on our own, if I just commit to it. So blogger friends, if you dont hear of me working on this, kick me in the patootie, OK?

Monday, October 18, 2010


Friday and Saturday we took a little trip to IL to play at some UKC conformation.  In order to earn a UKC Grand Champion, you need to win the Champions class 5 times with at least 3 champions in the class.  We so rarely have any cardis other than mine entered here in MN so when I found out that there was going to be other Cardis entered in IL we decided at the last minute to make the trip.  Since Teresa was only going to be there Saturday, we only entered that day as well.  Peace was reserve in the first show and BOB in the second earning her first win toward her Gr. Hopefully, Teresa and I will be able to work together and get to some shows so we can both continue toward that.
I am trying to convince Teresa to come over here next summer and give weight pulling a try too. I think she just might, she already has a harness, might as well use it! 

Sadly, the pre-entry numbers are out for Gateway and Peace is the only Cardi.  I was so hoping that we would get to play with others there that weekend.  I really like showing, but its so much more fun when you get to play WITH others. Win or lose, its just more fun. Come on Cardi people, come play UKC. We play nice, promise!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

CPE Weekend

I am almost kicking myself now, for not getting back to agility much sooner.  The look on Magics face at that first startline was wonderful. My boy was so happy to be there, and yet he was a really good boy. He let me get good lead outs where needed, he remained focused even with that long line of jumps just curving on and he tried to do everything I asked.  Yes we had a few bobbles, but dang did we have fun!  All in all, we had 5 qualifying runs out of 7 attempts. The 2 NQ's were dogwalk related. He has never shown problems with the dogwalk, but there was something about this one that made him a bit nervous. 

The wide open courses were really fun and Magic loved the ability to really go.  And it reinforced for me that I NEED to get my rear in gear and get in better shape too. I want to do this again.

Laura was kind enough to video us; Magics runs 10.9.10   Including the jump he crashed! Enjoy.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Michele Pouliot Seminar-long post sorry!

I had to take a couple of days to process all the information from the seminar Sunday.  First of all I really wish I had been able to do Saturday as well. Sunday was about getting a better performance, but primarily about attention and attitude.

The first thing we worked on was attention-which I admit, although Magic is fairly attentive, he does tend to lose focus so learning how to work toward keeping that attention was great. the first exercise we worked on was stationary focus.  I have always known that Magic can stare me in the face for quite some time as long, but what I realized is that although he is comfortable with this when I am sitting, he is not quite as focused when I am standing. Its not bad, but it can be better.  But, he really has a difficult time while in motion.  All I was asking him for was a moving front, and he could not maintain that focus well.  Well- that also shows in his distance work, so we are working on this.

The next session of work was relating to clicker training, and we worked on a trick with a prop of your choosing.  What the goal here was though is to not lure, or if you lure initially to break the lure very quickly.  Like within 3 attempts or so..  This was a bit harder and I realized that Magic is much less confident in his ability to think out the problem than I realized.  I think I have been too much of a helper.  I am working on that, but its going to be hard because I catch myself all the time.  Maybe I need to train with my mouth taped shut and my hands belted to my sides or something so I cant "help" hims so much.

The last session was really, really thought provoking for me.  This was about training attitude that can carry over to the performance.  The exercise we did was something no other trainer had ever suggested to me before, or if they have I missed it completely. (that wouldn't really surprise me!)  She explained that although her dogs are well trained and beyond the learning, she continues to reward very heavily.  In her video, working working with her awesomely trained performance dogs, she was still rewarding  variably, but frequent. Like 2-6 steps of heeling.   She said she rarely works an entire performance as one piece. Parts but not so much of the whole.  The exercise we did was practicing (for me developing) a ring entrance procedure. A consistent series of expectations right up to the judge starting the heeling pattern but then breaking it off at a single step into the pattern with a huge party.

The ring was set up just like a small obedience ring. Interestingly, even though we had been at the facility and had worked in a larger gated area all day, when Magic saw the new set up, and we walked up to to the entrance and heeled in and there was a judge, he seemed to think it might be a real trial. His tail went down, he listened and did what I asked -heel in, sit, take off leash, heel to the start line, his attitude was much less happy than it had been just an hour before.  We chatted with the judge, but he seemed less interested in me. When the judge asked us if we were ready, I asked him if he was ready, and he did begin to pay a bit more attention (ready is our attention word), but it was subdued. The first step of heel and he lagged as normal, but I still broke it off and we partied a minute or so and left the ring.  We immediately performed the whole series again, and the change was amazing. Both his head and tail came up and there was no lag off the start. The third time the pooper actually forged a tiny bit, which is SO not Magic.  While I am sure after the first time, he realized this was not the real thing, I can see how training this with consistent expectations would help him have a better start- and maybe an entire performance.  Granted it is going to take some work, and we will have to try to take in some matches, but I am hoping the combination of things will help our overall performances.

Now I understand that there was some training using raised platforms for learning positions on Saturday. I am hoping that I can get someone from Saturday to give me a quick lesson, because I certainly can use any help in training I can get.

All in all I really enjoyed the seminar. And watching the heelwork videos was simply inspiring. Beautiful.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Around the house

Rinnie really dug herself under everything-not sure how she managed this.

Magics nose-back to normal.  Now, we know they can come back at any time, but he looks so much better!  Love having my boy's beautiful face back. Now we just need to get the drool stains off his white chest.

Friday, October 1, 2010

FOCUS! and last nights class

Focus seems to be an issue in my training lately.  Not only am I having a hard time focusing on what to train, I am having a hard time getting my dogs to focus as well. I am sure that the 2 are related, but I really need a training kick in the pants lately.  So this week I took steps to work on this.

Sunday Magic and I are going to a Michele Pouliot seminar on improving performance for any performance sport.  I am really excited and hope I can get a lot of helpful hints from this one. When asked in the registration what I hoped to accomplish I said that I really wanted to work on attention, focus and attitude. With Magic this is primarily a heeling issue, but with the girls this is an ALL the time issue.  I am taking Magic as I think I will get more out of the seminar if I have a semi cooperative dog.

Then, I also signed Grace up for a 6 week class with Annelise on focus and attention. Now, I think this will be geared more toward agility, but hopefully it will carry over to the other things I would like to do with her.

I do want to say that last night at agility class Grace was much better than the week before. Even with a new dog in class she was much more willing to pay attention to me. AND, for the first time ever, we were able to be successful on everything we did in class the first time through (except 2o2o on the dogwalk which she hasnt learned yet).  We are starting to run a bit longer jump sequences and Annelise usually puts in a fairly tough cross in there.  And even though I almost ran into the jump, I got Grace through them all the first time-table at 16, no bars down, no off courses, even a little bit more distance.   And unlike last week, she had no issues with taking the dogwalk at all, and even starting a running A frame went well.  I was really pleased with my princess last night.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Magic Update

Well the report came back from the pathology. They are calling Magic's issue as Histiocytosis, probably at this point the reactive type. The vet suggested the. UC Davis Website for information. 

From reading this site and others, it does seem like at this point reactive histiocytosis fits his symptoms, as the most recent huge lump is now receding.  I do have more questions for my vet, but I am in the process of creating a list at this point.  I think though that we are going to start keeping track of things to see if we can poinpoint what is causing the reactions. it seems like the last one started right after he got his monthly heartworm meds. Coincidence? Probably, but its going to bug me so I will need to really track this.

I will try to post a new picture of Magics much smaller lump tonight.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Grace, Fall Harvest

OH my gosh was she a poop last night.  We missed agility class the last 2 weeks due to work issues.  You would have thought she had never been to a class before. Her weaves were gone. GONE! She would take the dogwalk going one way, but not the other. She had zoomies and tried to play you can't catch me.  What a stinker!! On the other hand, I think now our instructor understands when I say I cant trust her. She does make life interesting.  LOL!

I love fall. I love the fall harvest and have been busy saving the season. Now I am working on apples. Since I only have an hour or so each evening, I have been canning just a couple of things a night.  Last night was 2 quarts of wedges for pies, the night before 3 pints of slices. Before that applesauce and our family favorite grapplesauce (grape applesauce).  Tonight I have to give 2 dogs baths, so I may not have time, but if I do I would like to get a couple of trays of slices on the dehydrator. Which should use up the apples I have, then tomorrow we can send Darryl out to get more, while Dave and I are at the dog show.  And maybe more grapes if he can get them.  And maybe more canning jars too.  Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Nosework class

I really enjoyed taking Siren to her class last night.  She is a very determined little worker, and in general is pretty good about working her areas.  Last night she only had trouble with one find, and I am not so sure she didnt know where it was, but just felt like continuing to work. She is quite funny, Rin has a very gay tail that curls up over her back. The whole time she is scenting, that tail is going, but when she finds the  scent the tail stops and goes right up over her and its almost like she is pointing out the scent.  Its really quite cute.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Yahoo David has to work tonight!

Ok why is that Yahoo worthy?  Because it means that I get to work Siren in her nosework class.  Dave has been doing a really good job with Rinnie, but I am tired of watching!  So tonight I get to play.  I know, silly right?

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good News, Bad News

First the good, Magics vet called and the initial report is back from the pathology.  The tumors are not malignant.  The lab is doing further testing to see if they can tell if these are immune mediated. There is a strong possibility that these could be related to some auto immune issues.  So maybe more info to follow, but for now the definate decision is to leave the tumor(s) alone unless they cause him issue.  So far so good.

The bad, Jade my little parrotlet with the large tumor in her abdomen took a turn for the worse. Tuesday night I noticed she was a little slow and breathing even harder.  Last night she was not able to perch and sleep. She could still climb around and was active, but we knew she was near the end. Then today she was not looking cheery anymore so it was time.  I was able to hold her as she passed at the vet and I hope she felt the love at the end.  We buried her and planted a flower over her tonight.

Now I am really hoping that the bad is over for a while.

Opinions Please

So Magic has this sadly warped nose. Can we still go out and do performance stuff or do I "retire" him? Thoughts?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Champion Music! and Magic update

Just got home from Magics vet visit to a great message.  Music finished his championship down in Des Moines today.  I am so happy for Joyce! 

Magic had 3 punch biopsies done on his nose today.  He is a little bit groggy stil.  He has 3 little pink cross stitches in pink on his nose. Quite stylish.   Now we wait for the pathology.  Both the vet and I agree if this one is not cancerous like the others we will leave it alone, as it is so large she is concerned about having enough remaining skin after removal. Plus, as they grew back so quickly, but have now seemed to stop growing, there is no guarantee that another wouldnt re-appear. So now we wait.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Magic's Nose - Update

It is really hard to get a photo of how large this tumor really is.  This one grew really fast and is so large I am worried that they wont be able to remove it.  The last one were firmly attached to the skin.  I dont think there is enough extra skin on his face this time. He is on his way to the vet today, so think good thoughts.

The vet is not happy. They took x-rays today and it appears the tumor is either growing through the bone or tightly wrapped around it.  He is going back for another biopsy on Saturday. Then depending on results, we will determine next steps. If anyone has any thoughts or experiences, please share them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Preserving a Weekend

Final tally for the weekend:
Grape Jelly - 2 pints, 3 half pints                    Tomatoes -1 quart, 2 pints

Watermelon Jelly - 6 pints, 6 half pints           Tomato Sauce - 3 pints

Corn Cob  Jelly - 3 pints, 3 half pints             Watermelon Pickles - 3 pints, 1 half pint

Peach Vanilla Sauce - 2 pints, 5 half pints
I also froze herbs, sweet corn, green and purple beans. We have tomatos, zuchinni and some herbs on the dehydrator. In the next couple of weeks it will be apple time, but for today I am done.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Watermelon for all

Magic gulped his in 3 bites. Siren and Peace took maybe 8 bites. Grace nibbled and licked all the pink off hers first, slowly. And then crunched the rind.  I would say watermelon was a success here.

Now, while the dogs were enjoying theirs, David and I were making watermelon jelly, and watermelon pickles.  We did a bite more preserving today too. Nice cool weather, perfect for canning.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thought for the day

“The Key to Happiness Is Learning to Let Go.”

~ Hugh Prather

Are You Willing to Let Go?

I found this quote this morning and it seemed so very true to me. Whether its a loss at the dogshow, work,or a tragedy like a house fire, once you can let go of the feelings, sadness, anger, fear, you can allow happiness back in.

I need to work on this.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

NSHGC Friday

Yesterday was the clubs summer conformation show.  The weather gods smiled on us, it was sunny and warm, but not killer hot. The building stayed cool and comfortable with enough breeze by the efternoon.

Garretts Ava was WB and BOW for a crossover major!  Joey was WD, Picasso BOB, Jewel BOS, Peace and Barbs male were Select. Sorry I dont have a catalog to know the dogs name.

It was fun watching other club members do so well too.  Patti K's boy from her recent litter was best in puppy sweeps and totally looked like the pro show dog.  I enjoed the day immensely, helped Garrett a little with drying Mitcham, gate stewarding and just hanging out chatting. 

Today I am kicking myself for not entering the rest of the weekend.....

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


David and Siren have been going to nosework class for a month now. Well David has been going for a month.  Siren was in season and missed a couple of classes, but she practiced at home anyways.  Its really been fun to watch them progress in thier relationship with each other.  Siren seems to really enjoy finding food in the boxes.

It's kind of funny to see the optimism in the 2 cardis in class. Both of them will search the boxes to find the treat, eat the treat and tehn continue to search, even though there has never been more than one box with a treat at a time.  When it comes to food, I guess a second look is warranted!   Its been fun to be in a class with another cardi, its so rare for us.  Its been kind of fun to see that Lynn's Libby and Siren do some things very much alike.  Libby loves to work with Lynn, you can see it in her eye.  I like Tuesday evenings, cant wait for tonights class.

Monday, August 16, 2010

UKC Top Ten

OK, this really is not a huge brag or anything. I just thought it was kind of funny how so many dogs were tied for 9th place! The funny part is the numbers behind the owner name are the number of breed points!  As you can see there are not many cardis in UKC!  However, Peace is the only one with a performance title.

Cardigan Welsh Corgi

01. GRCH Corwynt Tayken Timberline Jett Sylvia Brownlee 43

02. GRCH'PR'Benever's No Turning Back Carol Kasabian 11

03. CH Benever's Herring Cove William Maxim 10

04. CH'PR'Benevers What Was I Thinkin Carol Kasabian 9

05. CH'PR'Benever I Wanna Talk About Me Carol Kasabian 6

05. CH Ula Mauna Hot Lickity Lips Kathryn Tanguay 6

07. CH'PR'Benever's Our Song Carol Kasabian 5

07. CH Suncliffe Truro @ Winddancer Mary Detoma 5

09. CH Corwynt Tayken Black Diamond Sylvia Brownlee or Michael Mac Leod 3

09. CH Tartanwyn's Princess Fiona Teresa K Kannard 3

09. UWP CH Daybreake's Peaceful Dreams Dawn Fisher 3

09. CH Laughing Dawg's Silver Nutmeg Teresa K Kannard 3

09. CH Laughing Dawg's Saigon Cinnamon Teresa K Kannard or Andrea M Riley 3

Note- I had entered Grace and Peace in conformation at the events with weight pulls as we were trying for them both to receive a total dog award. but Grace has yet to beat Peace, so only Peace earned a total dog award. . And now they are both primarily done with weight pulling so other than if we go to a show where there may be other cardigans working toward a grand they are both done in conformation.  If anyone is going to Gateway please let me know. We would love to try for her Grand.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Heres some video

of our agility attempts this last weekend. Magic, Kiki and Pixie do UKC!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

AG1 & AG2!

Magic did great this weekend and I was really proud of him. 7 Q's out of 8 runs, and 2 new titles- AG1 and AG2.  Yeah.   Denise's Klee Kai's, Pixie and Kiki also earned AG1 titles. Klee Kais are very different than cardigans, but they were fun to trial and travel with. I thought the cardigans made interesting noises, Kiki and Pixie have a whole different set of vocal skills.

UKC agility is very novice handler friendly and I really would recommend it to most everyone. There were several new to agility competors and they all seemed to have a great time, and who also earned a first agility title. The club down in IA held a really great trial-friendly, fun 1st place awards, new title medallions and just overall a really fun atmosphere. I am tired but very happy and relaxed.  I needed a great weekend like this one.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

UKC Agility

Magic and I are having a great time at the agility trial in Fort Dodge, IA.  There are 2 trials each day and we were able to run in both Agility 1 and Agility 2.  2 was up first. The unique obstacles in 2 were the pause box, the crawl tunnel, the sway bridge the plank bridge and a couple of different jumps, a picket fence, log pile and  and a flower box jump.  I was worried that Magic would be confused by these, but they are set up between standards so they did look like jumps and really were not an issue.  The crawl tunnel was a bit confusing, having to duck and go under, but we did practice this at home a bit last week and it carried over fine.  The pause box was not a problem either. So he got q's and first places in both of those runs, but to be fair, being in the A class there was only a couple of dogs.
Then we had Agility 1, where the only odd obstacle was the hoop tunnel. Well he has run through hoops for NADAC, so this was just like several hoops together, and no problem at all. We did not Q our first run though, coming down the A frame Magic kind of stumbled and went down on his nose right at the base of the frame, which kind of flustered me, and I missed the next obstacle which was the table. He did have a bit of slipping issues today. It has been a while since he has run on wood, all the local clubs in Mpls now seem to have rubber surfaces, so that was a bit of a change for him.  The next level 1 run was great though, no slipping and we Q'd again with a first.
Its been really fun to watch the new dogs, several were seeing this equipment for the first time, but all of them pretty much adapted well. The crawl tunnel is I think so far the hardestfor them. Looking forward to tomorrow to see what else new and fun we can do.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

UKC Agility

So, with a UKC agility trial in just a couple of days, David and I decided to try to create some version of a few of the more unusual obstacles.  Of course money being tight right now, we cobbled together some cheap, but rather effective obstacles.  For the hoop tunnel, a few hula hoops tied together, for the table jump table a couple of old folding tables laying on the ground. and for the crawl tunnel, a pvc frame covered by a blanket.  So far, the hoop tunnel is no problem, of course this is much shorter than a real one, but he seemed to go all the way through.  The table jumps, well, he would rather just go jump than to have to sit, but we might have a chance if he decides to actually listen to me tell him to sit when in a real trial situation. The crawl tunnel well, at 8 inches is not easy for Magic, but hs is starting to understand the idea of going under the tunnel. Tonight we are going to the local park to play on the sway bridge.  Maybe, just maybe we can pull out 1 Q.....

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another NEW experience on the horizon

This next weekend Magic and I are going to try UKC agility.  UKC agility is rather different than the others from what I have been reading in the rule books.  Like obedience you start out with points and every error reduces your points.  The obstaclkes are very different as well as the performances.  For example, they have a pause table and a pause box. You choose whether your dog sits or downs.  They have a variety of different jumps, log jump, water jump, window jump. One jump set up is 2 tables with a jump in between and the dog must sit on the first table, jump the bar then sit again. There is a sway bridge, a plank bridge and a crawl tunnel. All very interesting I think.

Magic hasn't seen a pause box, so we created a faux box last night and played with it. We also set up a small table jump table thing too. That may be a challenge for us, he is so eager to GO JUMP,  he wants to just run up and jump.  Contacts are pointed off unless your dog goes straight up and down no going off at an angle. You also can retry though like in rally and just get points off, but I do expect to get fly offs as contacts have always been an issue for us.  Additionally, you can trial in both level 1 and 2 simultaneously, although if you earn level 2 first, you do not get the award until after you earn level 1.

I am truly not expecting to come home with amazing runs, its been over a year since Magic has really done much agility.  But I think it will be a hoot to try these new obstacles.  And if we do actually Q its just a bonus! If we dont, heck that is OK too, we can look at it as a primer for when the UGSDA club holds thier first UKC trial here in MN. (Hopefully next winter?)

Sunday, August 1, 2010

APDT Day 2

Another really good day. Magic again gave me 2 QQ's with acceptable scores. Today:

Trial 3 Level 1 204  Honestly Magic looked and acted like he really did not want to play today-but he's a good boy so without any entheusiasm he did do as I asked.  So as a reward we went outside and played fetch for a while.    Level 2  208 Fetch helped, he was much more up and ready to work.    Level 3 204 Good job on a tough course. Yes a few points but for a dog who hates heeling and a course with lots of turns and heeling I am very happy with this.

Trial 4 Level 1 202  Again, on leash, not his favorite.   Level 2 200  5 points off on each moving down-this judge felt he was too slow in his downs. He always tucks his foot under and does go down slower than many dogs, but he did respond right away, he just does it slow. Oh well I can live with that too.

I really enjoy doing APDT trails. More than any other rally that we have played in so far.  I love the difficulty and length of the courses, the married signs and the bonus exercises.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

ARCH Magic!

Well we did it. Despite me, we did it.  I was really nervous today, and I am sure Magic felt it.
Trial 1 Level 1 205 Fair run but I had to give dual commands several times. His fronts were really crooked.
Trial 1 Level 2 199 Better- would have been a 209 but I had him do a sit where there should not have been one, which was a 10 point handler error. Nerves I guess.  I really felt shaky during this run, and really cant remember much of it I was so unnerved. Gotta work on that.

Trial 2 Level 1 204 Again dual commands and a couple tight leashes. And crooked fronts.
Trial 2 Level 2 209 Nice run, the bonus test was Leave dog turn and down. He took a step before he downed. I can live with that!

Then since we earned that ARCH with the 2 double Q's, I decided to add in a level 3 run in the second trial. There we earned a 207, which I was very pleased with. I am not sur ewhere the points off were here, but it didnt matter, the run felt so much better. Of course it did- I wnet in with the attitude that we are going to go play and he loved that! He was much more up and happy to play.  Tomorrow I am going to work on the play!

It was nice today getting to play with our fellow bloggers, and dog friends. In the air conditioning!

Friday, July 30, 2010


The most important thing about goals is having one.

~Geoffrey F. Abert

Everyday I receive an email with a quote for the day.  They are ususally business related, but many times overlap into daily life.  Like this one.  I find I work much better when I am working toward a specific, attainable goal.  Sure I like to dream, and I can dream BIG, but most of my goals are pretty well realistic.

This weekend I hope to attain one of the goals I had set earlier this year.  I wanted Magic to earn his ARCH (APDT Rally Champion). At the beginning of the year, in order to reach this I knew we would have to be almost perfect in our attempts, due to the limited APDT shows in MN.  We have 2 weekends a year, which is 8 trials and we needed 3 to earn his level 2 title, and then 5 QQ's.  Unfortunately that first weekend I NQ'd us for the first time ever in APDT rally.  I felt really bad about it too as we were having a great connection that run and the score would have been great, had I not misread a station sign and performed the wrong thing!

So in order to make this goal possible this year, we traveled to a trial in IA and picked up a few of the QQ's we needed. Which means that we only need to double Q twice this weekend, but of course our scores for those Q's need to be over 190 as well.  I am hoping we can do it, and I am really hoping I can read the signs correctly!   I am pretty sure Magic will be fine, but I will be a nervous wreck. I find that the more I work for something, the more nervous I get about reaching it.  I think thats normal? Not that I have ever been accused of being normal...

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thought for the day

Dream big dreams, but never forget that realistic short-term goals are the keys to your success.

~Mac Anderson

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


David and Siren had their first nosework class tonight.  Siren really seemed to enjoy the class, but heck, what corgi wouldn't!  She got to eat treats, lots of treats, and all she had to do was find the box!   Seriously though, I can see how this training will be a whole lot of fun, for both handler and dog.  I kind of wish I were taking the class, not just being Davids backup (since he workes retail, he cant always be off when he wants to.)

On another subject, we got my Mom all moved now. Just a few more things to be done at the house, carpet cleaning and such.  Mom is mostly unpacked, but of course arranging stuff will go on for a while.  Going from a large mobile home to an apartment is quite a reduction and has been a bit tough  for her. But its gone well for the most part and I hope to be blogging a bit more regularly now. 

This weekend is the APDT trial.  Magic and I are going to try to actually practice the rest of the week in hopes of earning his ARCH.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paw it Forward update

I finally found a store with the right batteries for my camera.  For some odd reason everyone was out! 

Here is the Paw it forward package we received from Penni.  Thanks again! The dogs were tickled with the treats they got to actually eat once I got the picture taken.  We are going to be looking locally for th epork pumpers they were a huge hit!

Thank you to4responders who indicated that they wanted  to participate in the other post.. Although the rules say you should send to 2 responders, since I have 4 dogs playing we are going to send to all 4.  You should get an email from me today requesting an address, if you don't, please just send it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Quote for the day

Your real performance standards are not the behaviors you expect, but rather the behaviors you accept.

~BJ Gallagher

Monday, July 19, 2010

UWP Grace and Peace, URO2 Magic

Both Grace and Peace earned their UWP (weight pulling) titles this weekend. With the heat and humidity on Saturday which was well over what I would have liked, the kids did really well.  On Saturday Siren pulled 420 pounds  (5th place) for David, which is a huge improvement over her first attempt last month where she pretended she couldnt hear him talking to her and refused to pull at all.  Grace pulled 570 earning her title and 4th place, Magic 630 for 3rd, Peace 690 for second. On Sunday it was just Magic and Peace, Magic went up to 720 for 2nd before calling it a day and Peace decided she was done at 510 for 3rd.  Since David had to work and Grace had already titled they got to stay home and enjoy the limited AC our livingroom has.  Both days Maggie the BC kicked our butts, with a pull on Sunday over 1000 pounds.  She was awesome this weekend.

Magic also did Rally the one time, completing his URO2 with a score of 92, for second place.  Really wet grass outside first thing in the morning caused just way too many interesting smells for really great scores, but hey, I have no issue with that as the horses going by actually distracted me for about a second during the run too.

Peace also picked up a group 3 win and a total dog award for winning in both conformation and having a qualifying run in her weight pull.   Here is a link to a photo of Peace and her ribbons. click here

Friday, July 16, 2010

Paw it Forward

Yesterday I was greeted at the door coming home from work by 3 very persistant girls.  Lots of rooing and hurry ups! Mom come, Mom Look, Mom, MOM  A box.  It smells good mom, All 3 girls went straight from me at the door over to the table where a box stood.  3 noses pressed to said box all the while Grace woofed out the hurry up command.   It didnt take more than a quick glance at the mailing label for me to see that the corgis got mail!
Once the dust settled and the package opening helpers actually let me get the box open, we were amazed at the loot the Baddogs sent us.  Rope toys, a cool linking ring toy, stuffed toys, tracheas, pig hearts and treats!  WOW!  Thank you BADDOGS!

Someone left the camera on and the battery was dead, so we will take a picture of the package later  and post it, assuming I can keep corgi noses away for a whole day. 

So a huge THANK YOU to Penni and Chase, Holmes, Leidy and Inca!  And if you would like to have a Paw it Forward package sent you, please leave me a comment.  I need 2 fellow bloggers who would like to receive and send out and PAW IT FORWARD! Leave me a comment.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Healing and Heeling

Well, with Magic being in healing mode, we haven't done any training in a couple of weeks now. Zero! Now, I am not someone who religously trains every day, but I usually do something every couple of days or so with each dog. But Magic has been on crate rest and wearing a cone. And since he is less that stellar about heeling anyways, I couldn't see practicing a heel position with the big cone slamming into me.  (I swear, he can take you out with that head of his)

But, now his nose is much better, so last night he got to go out and work with me, and he got to have the dreaded cone off to do it.  He was a happy, happy boy and he let it show. He heeled last night, head up, looking at me, focused and attentive. It was beautiful. The best heeling he has ever done!

So maybe he just needs to wear the cone and be on crate rest before every trial?  Just kidding! But it was such pretty heeling.....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Pathology report is in

No cancer thank goodness.  There were 2 different granulomas, but nothing the vet was worried about.  If they reoccur, which is likely, it will be cosmetic.  I can live with lumps as long as I know they are not dangerous for him.  Prayers answered.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living on Faith

There are a few events coming in this month that I have been planning on all year.  The UKC show on the 17th and 18th and the APDT rally trial on the 31st and 1st. Entries for the UKC show need to be there by the 9th or 10th, which means I need to get them out today.  I am going to go forward on the plan that Magic will be healthy, his pathology report will come back OK. I am entering him in the weight pull and the rally trial. He only needs one leg for his URO2 (rally) so I am just entering once.  I had hoped to be able to enter all 4 rally and both obedience trials, but with the expenses of his care, I can't really afford more. This time, next year, we will be doing ALL the events again. (There is that Faith thing again.)

Then I know I have time before entries close for the APDT trial, but the entries are limited.  I am afraid to wait to enter him, because what if he cant get in? I know they will refund his entry fees if he is not able to work when the time comes, but I have faith that we will be OK.  He is close to reaching his ARCH and I am certain he and I can do this. So I am going to send his entries and pray that he is healthy enough to play, which he should be as I refuse to consider that his pathology report will be bad.  Living on Faith.

No Pathology report yet.

Magic is tired of wearing the cone.  I have been taking it off him when i can directly supervise, but he needs to be watched all the time.  Yesterday with the cone on, he figured out how to hang himself off the edge of the couch and use the corner of the table to scratch at his nose.  Unfortuately, since I had to stop him, I couldn't get a picture.  It was creative.  What a goober.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Magic July 5, and the end of the herding group agility trial

Magic is looking much better.  The only swelling left is right over the location where the big tumor was attached.  Unfortunately, apparently he has an ear infection. So back to the vet we will have to go tomorrow, unless the head shaking stops that is. 

It was a busy weekend for us.  Today was day 3 of our agility trial. I am very happy to report that the trial seemed to be a success.  I heard many great comments from the exhibitors.  The team that put the trial together were awesome. I hope they know how much I appreciated all the work they did. 

Friday, July 2, 2010

Always a happy boy.

Why I love this boy!


Poor guy!

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Well the surgery went OK.  They found 2 more small tumors on his nose so those were removed too.  The large one in the middle was solidly attached to the bone, so it was difficult to remove, and required some skin removal too.  She was unable to get really wide margins on the tumors, because of the lack of flesh across the nose.  Tonight it is swelling in really odd ways, bulging below his eyes primarily on the right side. And a little bit of blood has been weeping out near his nose.  I feel guilty, because he is miserable tonight. He can't have another pain pill until morning either. Poor baby.  Now we rest, heal and wait for results.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vet visit tomorrow

Magic is going to see a different vet tomorrow.  Its not that I don't trust or like the vet we saw last week, but Magic is very special to me and the wait and see what it does thing makes me really nervous.   I think that this clinic does a fine job, but in truth, I have never been comfortable there.  I am not sure why.  

So yesterday I called a vet I feel very comfortable with.  I sent her pictures of the lump, she did some research about possible causes, and we spoke for a while about what to do.  So Magic is going to go for a visit, where we will evaluate and most likely remove this little lump, before it gets any bigger. Her clinic is about 1.5 hours away, so she has it set up where she can evaluate and if she does think surgery is needed, it can be done tomorrow. 

My biggest concern is that if this were growing could it grow into his nasal cavaties where it would be very difficult to remove.  Most likely it is a small granuloma, nothing major, but if it is cancer, I do not want to give it more time to spread.  I know I am a worry wart, thinking about all the worst case possibilitites.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Magic's Lump- updated

See the lump? We don't know what it is. We know its not a fluid filled cyst, or a piece of foreign matter, at least nothing that shows on the xray. A tumor? An inflamation? Its a pretty firm defined lump, so inflamation is unlikely.  The vet was unable to extract anything with a needle, so we have 2 options-wait and see what it does, or have it removed now. Thoughts?  I am leaning toward NOW.

Updated- Taryn asked if it was sudden or slow. Last fall/winter he had a similar lump, appeared sudden, then faded away.  At the time I thought maybe spider/bug bite?  This one also appeared suddenly, but is not fading-instead it became hard, and possibly larger. And its been there now for 2 weeks, which is what made me nervous.

Grace - Herding

How dare this ram leave the group. She will get him back where he belongs.

Grace is my most interested dog.  She was horrible waiting her turn. She whines, barks, leaps and makes a fool of herself in her eagerness.  She pulled her way into the ring and went to work.  I do think this is her calling. And I do think I need to find a way to make herding part of our training program.

Siren - Herding pictures

Or should I say Siren, NOT Herding.  Siren was way too overwhelmed with this.  She was not comfortable meeting Phyllis, unsure about leaving us and going with this unknown person, and WHOA hold on, there are really big things moving in here.  I don't think so!  Then she spent the rest of her time avoiding having to even glance at those big scary things over there!

This does not mean that she will never have to see them again, but we wont plan her future around herding at this time.

Herding Pictures - Peace

Peace was uncertain. Interested, but not to sure about actually engaging with those things.  This was about as close as she got to them, and it was very brief.   On the positive side, she wasnt really afraid, just not too sure, so there is hope for the next time.

Herding pictures - Magic

First up was Magic, he was interested in the sheep and was willing to engage, but he also was interested in rolling and sniffing.  He looks for encouragement a lot, in almost everything he does, so it wasn't surprising that he wanted reassurance that he was doing right.  But in all the pictures he was moving.

Monday, June 28, 2010

So much to do

Our weekend was super busy. Friday we had the dog show at 830, followed by a vet visit for Magic. Who by the way does have a brain since we saw x-ray documentation of it.  Then up to my mothers to help her sort and organize stuff in preparation for her move.  She is moving in July from her home to a senior apartment. Which is pretty tough on her, really.
Saturday morning, rent a uhaul, haul a bunch of stuff from her house to our house, a bed, couch, all her holiday boxes etc.  Followed by a trip to WI to play with sheepies.  Then next morning, it was into the tub for Peace, since she had to show at 1,stop back at my moms, then home to unload and do the home chores, laundry, weed the garden and so on. Whew!  I am almost glad its monday.

Almost, but not quite.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Plotting and Planning

I am looking at the calendar for the rest of the summer and its really hit me just how busy we are going to be (Blue)and how much busier we could be (black)! And that I need to make some decisions on what I can do and afford!  Plus in the middle of all this my mother sold her home and is moving to an apartment so I will need to mix that in also.

June 25 Cambridge dog show Conformation Peace
June 26 Herding Instinct - WI  All 4
June 27 Cambridge Dog Show Conformation Peace
July 3-5 NSHGC agility trial at Soccer Blast Trial chair and Magic
July 17-18 UKC weight pull, rally, obedience and conformation Lake Elmo  All 4
July 24-25  CPE Agility Zumbro Falls Magic
July 31- Aug 1 APDT Rally Hugo  Magic  and Grace
Aug 6-8 UKC Agil, Obed, Rally in Fort Dodge IA  Magic or Coulee Kennel club conformation? Peace
Aug 14-15 Albert Lea Kennel club conformation  Peace , or CPE in Burnsville Magic
Aug 21-22 APDT Rally Des Moines  OR AKC Obedience in Cambridge  Magic and Grace
Aug 27-29  NSHGC and St Croix Valley conformation  Peace and Grace

That is a lot of trial entries, travel, dogs, fun, expense, headache, planning....

Where are you goin gto be this summer?

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Herding Instinct

This Saturday the NSHGC is having an instinct test.  I have all 4 dogs going.  Magic and Grace have seen sheep before, but the yooung girls have not.  It will be fun to see how they do. 

There may still be an opening or two if anyone is interested.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Boring, yet busy weekend.

It was one of those weekends where it was busy all weekend, yet nothing really much accomplished.  Yesterday was stuff around the house, shopping and garden work.  Today David and I went and helped out at the agility trial, and then pretty soon we will go to weight pull practice.  Nothing much to talk about, but yet a busy weekend.  I hope you all ahad a bit more fun than we did! 

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Grace at Agility Class

Grace did really well at her agility class tonight.  She gave me unusually focused attention, which I thought was great since it was her first night in a new class with new dogs.  She did much better than I did. Even while wearing her little panties.  She did her 4 pole weaves with no help from me. Good girl!
I guess I will keep her, at least this week....

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


I do love this dog, but there are days where she makes me crazy.  She is in season again. OK not her fault, but she gets so naughty and uppity.  Bossy and refuses to listen. Independent!  Funny I offered her on facebook, but no one jumped up and cried pick me....

Monday, June 14, 2010

Quote for today, and everyday

"I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it."  
~ Rita Mae Brown

I hope you all are enjoying life today and everyday.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peace BOB today

Peace was Breed today and Vegas was WD and BOS.  Vegas seems to love the show ring.  He was certain the judge had goodies for him today and really wanted to visit with her.  What a doll. It was a small cardi entry, but it was still nerve wracking for me to go to the group.  Peace wanted to run fast with the big dogs today and had a hard time moving at a trot. But overall she handled it pretty well.

Friday, June 11, 2010

An award and a new blog

The Master of Karate and Friendship Award. This one really just makes me giggle, but thank you Julie!  I am going to send this on to  Laura Lance and Vito at The Dogs are Really in Charge,  To Garrett at his farm blog, Ransey Farms, Crystal at Reactive Champion and Sarah at The Hurrikane Chronicles.  Heck everyone from my blog list should get this! You are all wonderful!
Also, I started a new blog.  Since this one has become primarily my dog blog, I thought perhaps all the other dog blog people might not be interested in the other things I seem to be wanting to think and write about. Mainly the quilting, the books I am reading, recipes and the like.  Since I am just in the process of creating it, I expect many changes to happen both here and there.
You are all welcome to stop on by if you like.  Busy Hands, Warm Heart

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mid Year Goal review

Time to evaluate where we are at for our 2010 goals.

Peace originally I had 0 goals for Peace for this year. that has changed to getting her UWP. 1 leg earned so far.

Grace her goal for the year was to get back to agility class.  We are doing this. In addition, I guess she also is going to earn her UWP this year. 2 legs earned so far.

Siren's goal was to start obedience training. This goal has not been met yet. We have played around a bit, but not what I would call training.  Based on Siren's refusal to work for David  at the weight pull, I am wondering if I should not be working with her at all.  I need to re-evaluate this and have a serious discussion about her training, or lack of with Dave.

Magic's goal was to work on weight pull, earning an ARCH and working towards a CDX.  We have been working on all of these, but I now need to get more focused on the obedience stuff.

Overall, I am happy with our progress so far this year, but now need to get more focused on daily training time with the dogs.   I think as usual it will be Magic who gets the most focus as most of my goals always seem to relate to him.   Poor guy!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

One Flower

Even with the 3 days of dog show I was able to get one flower done! Yeah

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Pull Pictures

First up- Siren, refusing to play this game with David.  We think she was looking for me as I was on the other side of the barrier with Magic. But maybe she just did not want to play this silly game.
Magic my good little guy, he worked as hard as he could.  It was down to him and a very sweet little border collie working for that last pull to win the class.                                                              
Peace was having trouble with her last pull, she had a hard time getting it started, so I gave her a bit of help and we raced each other across the finish line.  Then we went back and she was confident enough to do that same weight herself.  I made this her last pull for the day since she was so successful, I wanted ehr to end happy, which I think she did, since she tried to go back to the front to do it again.

I know she doesn't look very happy but she was working hard when the picture was taken!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Red Pine Kennel Club Show

Today we went to the Red Pine Kennel Clubs first UKC show. We have so much fun at the UKC show, the whole family goes.  Everyone cheers for everyone else, and their dogs too.  3 of the dogs qualified in the weight pull, and one chose to give its handler the brush off. (Siren)  Peace got a group 3, and a qualifying pull of 597 (19.9) which was a third place and so earned that silly total dog ribbon. Magic is in the same weight class as Peace and he pulled 813 (31.26) which was first in his class.  Grace is in the next class and she got a second place with a pull of 620 (19.37).  The numbers in the parentheses are how many time body weight.

There was a photographer today also, so I got a few pull pictures of Magic Grace and Siren, but she was busy and missed Grace's pulls.  I will scan those in tomorrow. 

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Fargo Day 1 and 2

Well what a busy but fun 2 days.  Yesterday there were 22 cardigans entered.   I am going off of memory, and I am a bit tired, so this could be wrong. Yesterday Lydia was BOB, Picasso BOS, Sully SD, Peace SB, Flip WD and Safari WB and I think BW, but gosh I am not sure.  Today there were 27, Picasso BOB and Group 4, Toms Stewarts Dark Blue Rose, BOS, Dianas Jenna SB, One of Connies girls WB and Flip WD. I cannot remember who the select dog was.  In Sweeps, all I remember was Vegas won his class. The veterans looked great too.  I am just too tired after driving home.

In any event, Garrett did a great job with the supported entry. It was wonderful seeing so many really nice dogs and lots of great people too. Tomorrow off to weight pull with a totally different bunch of great people.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Busy Weekend

Its going to be a very busy weekend.  Tomorrow morning I leave for Fargo.  Peace and I are entered and are going to play Friday and Saturday, no chance of winning, but I sort of feel like when you are a member of a club, you go play at that clubs events. So since this is a supported entry we are going to go support!  Then Sunday I am going the opposite direction.  We have all 4 cardis entered in the weight pull down in Le Seuer.  The girls are not as ready as I would like, but I am not asking them to do more than enough to earn that first Q toward the title. For both Siren and Peace that is the large empty cart, which they have done in practice.  David is going to work with Siren, so I am hoping she will listen to him and will pull for him.   I am going to see if I can get Grace to pull more than once, but she will also start at with the empty big cart which is enough for her to qualify.  Magic, well not sure what Magic will do. Time will tell on that one.  Then Grace and Peace are also going to be entered in conformation, trying for that silly little Total Dog ribbon.

Wishing you all a great weekend!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

One Flower

Last week and this week are a bit hectic, so its been hard to get any stitching done. But I was able to get the last few hex on this one today.  I like orange.

It is a little odd looking because laying in the daylilly bed I couldn't get it flat, but I liked the contract between the bright orange and white and the dark green leaves.  Its not really as oddly shaped as it looks!

With 3 days of dog shows this weekend and miles and miles of driving I don't know if I will get a whole flower done, but I will try.  If you see me stitching at the dog show,  come over and chat with me while I do.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Pictures from the weekend

Vegas was a little nervous about the whole picture taking thing, but I still think he is lovely even with one foot forward!

Peace was practically dragging me around the group ring> Not a great picture but the best David could get from ringside. 


ZIGGY!  He looks great! 
Zara sent me new photos today and I just had to share them. Such a handsome boy.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Happy Memorial Day

What a beautiful day. The weather in Minnesota today was about as perfect as possible. Sunny, warm, but comfortably so.  With the busy week last week and busy weekend, we had lots of things to get done. The garden got weeded, laundry done and hung out to dry. Did a little bit of weight pull training with this dogs, getting reasdy for next weekends pull.  Got the shopping done and had a wonderful family dinner. 

In addition we also stopped by the veterans park and honored our country's veterans. After all without them, what would our lives be? Thank you to all those serving our country.  We are thinking of you and wishing for peace so you may return home.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

THANK YOU! And todays results

I want to thank you bloggers out there for the support.  Music is co-owned by me but lives with Joyce.  Joyce had entered him looking for the major, that did not appear.  He had only been in the ring 1 day this year, back in March, so yesterday was really meant to be a practice day since next weekend there is 3 days of majors.  Neither Joyce nor I  truly expected him to win yesterday.  I did apologize to the person who had the reserve dog today,  Had I pulled Music yesterday her dog would have earned one point-but with him in her girl who won breed earned 1 more breed point. Maybe not a consolation, I dont know, but in any event I will say we did not set out to hurt anyone else by using the entry Joyce paid for.  A couple of people have suggested taking this further, and I appreciate your support, but I dont think I want to have this continue.

We did pull Music today, and I handled Joyces other dog, the wonderful Vegas, for her as she did not feel up to it.   Today Vegas was WD, BOW and BOS, and my girl Peace was Breed. Nothing in group though.

Hug your dogs, and again, Thank You.