Monday, April 15, 2013

WCRL (formerly APDT) Rally

Last weekend we attended a WCRL rally trial.  Last year APDT sold the rally program to USDAA where it became World Cynosport Rally. So far the rules have stayed the same, and all titles in progress are honored. Which is good because Magic and I were working on the 10 required QQ's for his ARCHEX.  This weekend Magic ran in 4 of the 5 trials and got the needed double q's in all 4, so he needs 2 more.  We will try for those in July at the next trial.

Bentley and I also competed. It was our first time together in a perfomrance event.  I knew that we were a long way from perfectly ready, but I wanted to get a feel for her behavior and confidence levels at a trial.  She actually did much better than I anticipated, qualifying 2 out of the 3 runs, and improving each time.  I knew we would have some issues with distractions, but overall I was very pleased with her.

Washburn also played in all 3 trials on Saturday, where he ran in the puppy class.  The puppy class is for dogs under a year, and its a shorter 10 station course.  Wash did very well and earned 3 qualifying scores, also with improvements each time.  I am thinking as he gets older and more mature I may have another very nice working boy. At least I hope we can keep that up!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Cardigan National 2013

This was my first Cardi National and I have to say I loved it.  Getting to see so many beautiful dogs took my breath away.  There will be pictures eventually, I have to get unpacked and orgranized, but I wanted to share our weeks results as I am very pleased with how well we did, and a little chagrinned at some of our foibles.  We brought home several souveniers, multiple raffle winnings and I even bought an autographed book from one of my favorite authors, Jennifer Roberson.  (Who I had loved way before I found out she had cardigans.)

Magic was first up as he was entered only in the performance events.  First up for us was Open.  His heeling was probably one of the nicest he had ever done, however it was our retrieves that made the croud laugh. As usual he was very eager for this exercise, and although he did wait for the send, he ran out and pounced on it sliding across the carpet.  He came flying back and literally threw the dumbell back at me. As it skittered by me, so did he, charging to grab it then coming to the front and presenting it to me with a perfect prairie dog sit. Of course people laughed, so for the retrieve over the high he did it again, only this time not wating for me to even send him. Oops. He also broke his stay.  Beginner Novice was next where he did Q and got a first place which awarded us with a lovely fleece travel blanket. That was also his BN title.

Then it was Wash's turn in the BN ring.  He was a very good boy and qualified with a second place, earning him his BN title.

Then Magic and I ran over to agility.  I had already skipped the FAST class, and we had missed the ex jumpers walk through, but I watched a couple of dogs run and we went out and gave it a shot.  I did get momentarily lost on the course, so it wasnt as smooth as possible, but we qualified and got a first place.  then in  open standard we had a very nice run, one of the prettiest we have ever done together. It felt really smooth and together, and it must have been because along with another first it was also high in trial preferred. We won a really lovely quilted and embroidered fleece blanket. What a lovely keepsake.

Again Magic and I NQ'd in open, this time failing almost every exercise. Then I moved him to GN where he again repeated the dumbell toss to NQ there as well.  Wash did BN again, this time earning a first place and  an etched glass jar award. Sadly somehow the ribbons got messed up and his ribbon says open rather than the BN it was.

Once obedience was done, we ran over to the agility trial where Magic and I qualified in open standard earning him his title, with another first.  Ex jumpers also was another Q and first place.  Our only bobble in T2B was a miscue where I caused him to back jump rather than wrap. Oh well, other than that I loved the course and how well Magic was running. Clearly all his chiro care and massages are helping! We had perfect weaves both days.

In the afternoon it was time for the Megan. I did dress up and Peace and I went and participated.  While I knew we were not in contention, I wanted to do this with my girl.  I think she had a good time. 

Puppy Sweeps.  Wash was in the 10-12 month class.  It wasnt the largest class, but there were 10 pups.  Wash was a very good boy and I thought showed himself very well. I was so surprised to be called out to the front of the line.  I guess you could see me shaking across the room. Wash took first and his brother Mal came in 3rd.  We didnt win the best puppy, but there was some stunning competition.  Kalee, Wash's sister took 2nd in her class so all 3 of the pups placed! That had to have been a thrill for all of his breeders.

Thursday was the dog classes.  Sadly, Wash was very spooked by the judge. He is a large man and really rather imposing, and Wash just sort of freaked out.  He was not going to let that man touch him, no way no how. So I asked to be excused and we left the ring.  Poor Wash he was very very stressed out.  I was as well.  I gave him some time to relax and then took him out to see how he would be. From that point forward, there was not a man on site that he would tolerate. They were all terrifying.  I have to say I was dissapointed. I had hoped that he would do well of course.

Later in the day we were scheduled to test for our CGC. To say I was worried would be an understatement. Fortunately the tester was a woman and while I could see the signs of stress in him, he did pass his CGC.  So did his brother Mal. Yeah for both boys.  I had a drink or 2.

Friday was a down day for us. the only thing we did was the Parade of Titleholders.  I had entered Peace so she would have something to take home from the big event. I had also entered Magic. Let's just say we could have gone around the ring twice in the time it took the announcer to read all of his titles.  Maybe this was arrogance, but I wanted everyone to know what a great dog he really is. I had several people come up to me afterward to comment on all of his titles and how nice it was to see a fluff out there.

Saturday was the last day. First Peace had breed. It was an honor to be in the ring with so many beautiful dogs. After breed I got the pleasure of handling Kaylee (Wash's sister) in the stud dog class, with Eddie and Malcom.  While we were not awarded, it was an awful lot of fun. 

After the show Saturday evening, we had a bit of a disaster.  We were not staying at the host hotel. We had decided to go back to our hotel and pack up and then planned on leaving right after the banquet to start the long drive home Saturday rather than Sunday morning.  We left the dogs at the host hotel, planning on packing there, then going to the banquet, then packing the show stuff. On the way to the hotel though, the van died. We were able to start it, but it kept dying. Fortunately we were able to nurse it to the hotel. Now though we were worried about getting 8 dogs and all our show stuff from the host hotel. Fortuantely some corgi people are generally really good people and we had some wonderful people help us get it all over to us.  We were able to get the fuel pump replaced on Monday and hit the orad home.  Got home at 5:30am on Wednesday, and then went to work. 

What an adventure. Can't wait to do it again!  Pictures will follow as soon as I get organized.