Saturday, November 28, 2009

Working hard, or lazing around, depends on perspective

I am spending these 3 days working on holiday gifts.  Now, I call it working hard, David on the other hand calls it having fun or lazing around.  See in his opinion its not work.  Work should be doing the dishes, (which I asked him to do so I could play), or vacuuming, which with 4 corgis and a husky mix is vital right now.   I figure that its OK to work hard on something you enjoy doing right?  I mean, is the gift any less done if I do it while watching TV?  Or does that really mean I am spending the weekend enjoying myself?  Oh gosh, how horrible is that? Well no matter anyone elses desires, this weekend they can take care of themselves. I am busy!  Well, except for Magic who will bug me nonstop unless I toss that toy for him.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, do something you enjoy today.   Good luck those of you out showing, I will be watching for show results.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone has had a wonderful day. Today I did try to take time to think about what I am thankful for, and there is really quite a bit.  The short list, my family, having jobs even if they are not the ones we all want, my friends who truly are wonderful. And of course the corgis who have made these last few years a terrificly fun time. I hope everyone had a peaceful, joyful day today.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Vote for Suzanne

SAM-e Is having a contest for a daily good mood blogger.  If you have never read the Chickens in the Road blog, please go give it a read.  Suzanne is a fun writer with a great sense of humor and timing and brightens my day daily. Not to mention the wonderful photos, and really great chickens. (Love Syd Vicious) If you like what you read, and I don't see how you wouldn't, please cast a vote or several for Suzanne.

vote for Suzanne HERE
Thank you to all of you for the congrats and the good wishes over the weekend. I am so happy that Peace is finished, She has represented several first for me, my first litter, my first bred by champion and my first Best in Show. I adore the little Noodle head.

Thankfully my tooth was removed yesterday! I feel so much better, no pain pills today. I do have to say that there is something about the smell of dental work and blood that had the corgi's totally fascinated with my mouth yesterday. I can't tell you how many times I had to push a nose away. But my girls kept me warm and safe on the couch when I got home, I just wish they would have given me a little room, or maybe a corner of the blanket, the couch hogs. Magic on the other hand, was just sure that the day called for a rousing game of tug. Either way, snuggles or play, its a good day with the cardi's! OK, the pain meds were helpful too.....

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peace and the football game

Today we got home from the dog show in plenty of time to watch the football game.  Apparently Peace was tired from her 2 days at the show, she hopped up on my lap, streched out down my legs and took a 2 hour nap.  And if I so much as commented on the game she would lift up her head and give me the stink eye.  What a DIVA she has become. 

Today at the show there were only 3 entered, so to try to keep the one possible point, I left her in the classes.  I tried to show her badly, I let her sniff and romp on the lead, but she still took winners. Thankfully, the judge gave the one lone boy BOB so he got the cross over point.  I would have felt really bad if Diana and Mac hadn't gotten at least one point for the day.  And we got to come home early which I was rather glad for since my sinuses are rather unhappy. I can't wait for my appointment tomoorow. Hopefully once the tooth is gone the penicillan can work on the infection.  If I don't post tomorrow, I am probably asleep.

Happy Belated Birthday to Magic!!

And Sadie, Edward and the rest of the litter.  It must be the tooth because I completely forgot that yesterday was Magics 5th birthday!   Which is really bad, because if I hadnt fallen so totally in love with Magic I probably wouldn't have the rest of the cardi's.  Magic has always been my best boy and we love him dearly.  He has always done anything I have asked of him from weight pulling to dock diving. Just a great dog. 

Just a reminder - this is my novice dog for everything, so even thought we don't yet have higher level titles, they are certainly possibilities. We have accomplished a lot I think, and now that Peace is done in the show ring, all the cardis will be focused on performance.

AKC- CD,  RE (RN,RA), NA, NJP  also his CGC certificate
And he passed his therapy dog test too.

Just so no one thinks he will be deprived for his birthday, today he got a huge new antler piece to chew on and of course his favorite mcdonalds plain CHEESEBURGER!  Just a day late, but he is not holding it against me.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We did it.

Pending AKC approval of course, Peace is now an AKC Champion too.  It was a small cardigan entry today, but she was WB, BOW, BOB.  (Nothing in group, but thats OK) My tooth is worse and the infection has now spread to my sinuses. Yuck. Can't wait for Monday to get this tooth ripped out, because last night I thought about a hammer and chisel...

Friday, November 20, 2009

I AM NOT fond of Dentists.

I am sure that dentists as a whole are great people, but I just hate having to go visit them.  I had an appointment bright and early today, 7am. Unfortunately  my visit today was not successful at all.  The tooth is as I expected, unsaveable. So we set out to remove it. Well guess what, its unsavable because it is so fragile it shattered in the process of pulling it.  And no, he couldn't get it all. so I have the bottom half of a tooth in my jaw still. Until Monday, when i have to go to the surgeon and take a little nap.   I have percocet and antibiotics to get me throught the weekend, but somehow I cant see me showing on percocet- but we might have to try it!  It may be an interesting weekend!

Peace and I are ready for the show, well as ready as I get. .  David and I went and set up a space for Diana, Mac and I.  Then we attended a seminar on the breeding bitch put on by a Royal Canin representative.  I thought it was really interesting. They gave out some books on reproduction and breeding, they had a nice little buffet and beer and soda. And it was free.  They will be doing another on reproduction at the Granite City show, I may go up just for that. 

Oh yeah, the show this weekend is being held at the local racetrack.  We arrived a little early for the seminar, so while we were waiting David and I went up to the OTB floor and were wondering around.  We had some dinner, a hiuge fish and chips basket that we shared and still couldnt finish, and watched the simulcast racing. All of a sudden I looked at this one horse, and said, I need to bet on him.  So I bet on him, and David bet on a different horse.  They finished 1 and 2, one of us won $11.60!  Is it a prelude to a good weekend, or a harbinger of doom.....

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Serenade

I hadn't slept well last night, I have a tooth that needs some work and is giving me some grief, so this evening I decided to lay on the couch and take a short nap before we left for conformation class.  It was about 6 and I was the only one home, the dogs were quiet and I drifted off.  I woke about 25 minutes later to a lovely serenenade.  Blu, my little parrotlet was singing his little heart out. Da issy bissy spurder, upa water spout. Over and over, with a few requests mixed in - Can you sing, can you sing a spurder song... In the tiny little parrotlet voice.  Its been a while since Blu has sung for me. What a doll.

 Go here and click on the green box to hear Blu sing

Dancing and Dog Shows

I have become totally enamored of So You Think You Can Dance.  It locks me in every Tuesday night for 2 hours. Then Wednesday for an hour because I need to see who goes home.  Unfortunately tonight I am going to have to miss it. Since we have a show this weekend I kind of feel like I need to take Peace out and see if she remembers how to behave.

Peaceful has a bit more hair than she did a couple of weeks ago, but hardly no britches at all.  Its just her and her half sister, so once again, I am expecting we will be helping Diana's girl with some points, but we will go and have fun anyways. But when the weekend rolls around if you can think a good thought or 2 for her I would appreciate it, we just need that last single.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Holiday Exchange is coming!

I was so excited to see who's name I got in the holiday gift exchange.  I have so many fun thoughts, I hope I can make this as fun as I would like!   Planning.....

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a lovely weekend in Minnesota. A lovely, boring, quiet weekend.  Days playing with my dogs, crocheting the next afghan and lazing around watching the birds at the bird feeder.   Today football and more crocheting.  Can't be beat, really, but not too much to blog about.  Sorry for that! 

(old picture of Grace Talking-which se does alot!)
Did get Grace's RA certificate from AKC yesterday. Yeah Gracie. She asked me today if perhaps she could go to the next dog show.  Well I think that is what she asked.  She came trotting into the kitchen carrying a show lead and collar-hers.  I thought it was in the collar box, but I found the box open in the closet.  Not really sure how she pulled that off, but the only collar and lead she took was her kangaroo leather one and she brought it right to me. She always tends to surprise me.  

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Cardi Blogger Exchage is nearly closing time.

So all of you interested in participating head on over to Simple Things and sign up.  I have been planning my exchange items....

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Summer, gone for now.

A view from Summer.  I love the bee shot. It took about 50 shots before I got the one I liked, but he was pretty patient with me. Or maybe he was just busy doing his thing, I don't know..

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Magic and Grace - URO1

Well today Grace earned her 3rd leg for her URO1, so both kids earned that title this weekend. Grace's score wasn't quite as nice as yesterdays 91, but I will take the 82.  She had a few moments where she decided to stack herself up really pretty instead of sitting for her front. And when I asked her for a re-do the one time, she had to bark at me as if to say, Mom I already did this one. Magic earned his first leg toward his URO2, with a nice run and a 95 score.  I know, no where near the best, but really good for a dog who lately has been not too excited about heeling, heck, he didn't lay down and wait for me so it was good.

I really have to say that I enjoy going to the events put on by the Mn Mixed Breed Club.  They always do such a nice job and all of their trials seem to be such happy places.  I may have to think about becoming a member and providing some support that way, even though my goofy old mixed breed boy will not be participating!

Afghan Picture

Ok the picture is sideways, but you get the idea.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Rally today and a visit with Joyce, Vegas and Music

Joyce came up to Burnsville today with Music and Vegas.  First let me just say what a cutie pie Vegas is.  He was so happy to be at a new place, and so interested in everything going on. Unfortunately, that made pictures a bit tough, and these are not great, but we had fun anyways.  I always thought he was a lovely boy and I still do!

Here is Music too, can't pay all the attention to the puppy.  I just adore this boy. He is such a sweetie.

Today at the UKC rally trial, both Magic and Grace qualified.  Magic with a 95 and Grace with a 91. That gave Magic his URO-1 title. 

Friday, November 6, 2009

the weekend approaches

And I am SO glad.  It will be a busy one, with the rally trial both days.  Tonight I think Grace and Magic will both get a bath.  It has been a while and although they don't look bad, I would just like them to look better!  It sounds like Joyce may come visit with Music and Vegas which I cannot wait for.  I just adore Music and cannot wait to see him again.  And I am guessing Vegas is getting big.    And we get to play in the rally ring.  I am hoping that since this one is inside, both Grace and Magic will be a bit more attentive.

PS: We do plan on trying to get some nice pictures of both dogs.   Joyce and I will try to get them sent out  and posted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Whats next?

Maybe CPE.  Magic and I did one day of a CPE agility trial a couple of years ago, so he has a few Qs in level one.  He earned his level 1 F title, but with just running the one day, he needs more Q's in other courses to complete that level.  There is a CPE trial coming up, but its the same weekend as the last conformation show for the year in Minnesota.

And then there is APDT rally coming again. Both Magic and Grace earned level 1 titles, so could go on to level 2. Magic earned an award of excellence with his, but since his off leash heeling is so sucky, I cannot expect that in level 2. 

Apparently I suck at teaching heeling because none of the dogs like to heel much.  Oh well, so an OTCH is not in our future, I guess I can live with that.  Of course I suck at agility too, so no chance of a MACH, NATCH etc there either.  Hmm, what do we do well?   Not much really, but usually good enough to get by, and I guess it could be worse.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Computer Issues, finished afghan

Well the system must have picked up the bug that is going around my family.  Various programs just quit working, including the photo program, so I cant seem to load any pictures.  But, I finished my first crocheted project, the afghan.  Hopefully I can post a picture later. 

Magic Grace and I all practiced a little obedience yesterday.  Peace and Siren practiced non obedience.