Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Highlights and a look toward 14

Well another year is almost over, and it is time to look at this years highlights,  and maybe set some goals for tomorrow.  It is always interesting to review what the dreams were, and what progress we made.  So lets start with a look back.

For Magic, I had hoped to get his CDX and to continue working toward another agility championship.  Well, we definately made progress toward agility, but not toward his CDX.  In fact, we met a couple of minor agility goals, he earned high novice in ASCA, and he earned high in trial preferred at the Cardigan National.  We did lots of training for obedience,  and did earn AKC BN, CDSP CD, and also his WCRL ARCHEX.

For Siren, I kind of forgot that I was going to work obedience with her, and started training agility instead. Her 2 accomplishments for the year were getting her CGC and her CA.

With Peace I had hoped to work on her UKC grand championship, well we did have a couple of shoes with competition, but sadly made no progress.

Washburns plan was to work on his championship, and one of my dreams for the year was to earn his BN.  Well he surpassed that, earning his championship, with 3 majors, and earning his CGC, as well as his BN.

For Ms. Bentley, my plan had been to work on her UKC grand, with a win at the WGSDCI National as a dream.  We didn't manage any UKC wins, but she did win WB, BOW, BOS  at the National.  She looked so pretty. Then later in the year, she earned her CGC.

So for the new year...hmm, lets see, I am dreaming here, but I am hoping for that CDX,  a breed win, a CATCH, an RN or 2, and a CGC. I am hoping to play lots of agility,  practice some nose games, and play with all of the dogs. But mostly I am just hoping for a happy, healthy family, good jobs, faith, love and happy dogs.

Happy New Year Everyone.