Friday, December 31, 2010

UKC results

Peace ended the year as the #3 cardigan! Earlier in the year I saw that she was on the top 10 list and I thought to myself wouldnt it be special if she could end the year on the list? Well, we did it! Peace ended the year as  #3 cardigan.  Granted, we didnt have lots of breed points, but its still kind of nice to see.

Then to make it better, UKC finally got Magic posted as the number 11 Ultra Dog!  My dogs make me proud, no matter how we do, but seeing those sucesses does really make me feel good. I often lament that I am not the best trainer, or handler, and I am not, but I do love to play with my dogs and I think they like playing with me.

Today as we go into the new year, I am thankful that I am blessed with these 4 special dogs.  And I am greatful and thankful that my family who have helped so much this year, also feel they are a blessing and love them as much as I do.


UWP URO1 Ch Cardiridge State of Grace RA

UWP Ch Daybreake's Peaceful Dreams BIMBS

Daybreakes Mariners Dream

Although I have no specific plans for next year, I have a feeling that there will be some new letters appearing along the way. Cardigans are the best!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A look toward 2011

2010 hasn’t been a bad year, but it’s had  moments. We lost Jade (parrotlet), Sam (cat) and Kazin (huskyX). We had the scare with Magic and the tumors, which although it could return, at least now we are prepared.  David and Darryl are both working, although only part time, it is definitely better than not at all. Due to this  we haven’t been able to afford upgrading anything, but we are able to maintain and I am greatful.

The dogs and the family all played together this year, and overall we were successful and had a very good time. We spent time together, doing things we love, with the people we love and enjoy which is never a bad thing. We spent time with new and old friends, sharing lots of laughter and a few tears too.  Goals were met, revised or let go as seemed appropriate at the time.

Looking ahead to 2011, I am not going to set any hard and specific title goals. All of my goals are going to be less tangible, more subjective, such as relationships, focus, foundations.  I am going to let this year flow and follow along and see where we wind up.  We will continue our training and try some new things in our current classes, nosework, agility and  obedience. There a a few new things I possibly see on the horizon, herding and maybe even flyball if we can get into the class. (Its limited to 12, so I dont know yet.)  I am hoping to attend Premier this year, and would love to attend the Cardigan National, but finances will dictate.

To end the ramble, let me just say THANK YOU to those who have touched our lives. You have enriched us in so many ways, some large some small, but all appreciated. I wish you the goodness life can bring and a healthy, happy, safe New Year.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Merry Christmas

All of us at Daybreake Cardigans and Dancing Feather Parrotlets wish you a very Merry Christmas.  We wish you Peace and Joy.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I know I just said next year I was going to focus on Grace, but now I am thinking I want to take Magic to flyball classes. I just think he would LOVE flyball. Balls Barking & Running, what could be better?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

2011 - The year of Grace!

I am thinking 2011 will be Grace's year.  This is probably being optimistic, but I would like to start trialing Grace in both agility and obedience next year. Am I crazy?  Probably. If her attitude at agility class was any indication if I am not crazy now, I will be by 2012.

Stir Crazy Dogs

My dogs are going crazy. Its been so cold, they don't want to be outside, yet they don't want to be inside either. Last night we must have been in and out 10 times an hour, for 3 minutes a time. Grace is the least cold hardy-she will be fine then moments later she is on her belly refusing to move. I am thinking about trying booties for them all as it seems to be cold feet that is the most problematic.  Anyone tried booties? Will your corgis keep them on? 

If they knock over one more thing inside, they may permanently move out.....

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Setting Goals and Priorities

The other day I was sitting at my desk filling out some paperwork for one of the dog clubs I belong to. It was regarding awards earned this year. It got me to thinking, about this last year, what we did , where we went, the goals we met and those we did not meet. It got me thinking about priorities, and where to go from here.

Trying to think about what ultimately my goals for each of my dogs is-do I really have any, or do I just want to keep going, doing and playing, or do I want to focus on something specific?  One of my frineds really wants an OTCH, another a MACH. What do I want, I am not really sure. I dont know that I really want to excel at any one thing, I think I like just playing around and having fun. Doing lots of things but nothing to exclusion?  I have 4 dogs, do I want to focus on one or two, or do I mess a little with all of them?

How do you decide your goals and priorities?

Monday, December 6, 2010

Great Weekend, Monday Blues

Well its Monday again and that means back to work. I hate my job, but as the only person in my family with a full time job, I am terrifically happy that I have it, so I won't complain and just motor on.

This weekend was the UGSDA clubs last UKC show for the year.  Sadly due to the weather there were not nearly as many people at the show, but it was fun none the less.  The UGSDA club is the one that is looking at bringing UKC agility back to Minnesota, so I think its important to support the club.  I entered both Grace and Peace, and asked a couple of my non conformation friends to come give me a hand showing.  Saturday Crystal  (Reactive Champion) came and handled Grace.  Crystal had never done the conformation thing, so this was entirely new for her. And she did a great job, she and Grace beat Peace and I and they took a Group 3. (Which was better than Peace did in any of the other shows.)  I was so happy to see them do so well and to be able to watch my dog from the outside of the ring.  I made Crystal take the ribbons home. I think she had a good time, I know I did!

Christi (Maggie the weight pulling Border Collies mom) was also there this weekend.  She was helping another friend with her Weims, and she also took Grace in for one of the shows yesterday.  I've watched Christi showing several times now, and she just keeps getting better and better.  i am thinking it wont be long before she has a conformation dog too. 

In the second show yesterday, Christi was in the ring with the weims so I asked Suri, one of the young juniors if she would like to take Grace in.  She couldnt lift her, but we asked the judge if the steward would be allowed to help with the lifting to the table which she was fine with.  I was so happy to see how well Suri handled Grace, and equally how really nicely Grace showed for her.  Suri is really getting to be a good handler, both in the conformation ring and with her weight pulling sammy.  Its so fun to watch these kids grow and learn.

Yesterday I alos handled DJ a little Papillon for Carol.  I adore DJ he is just such a fun little guy, but compared tothe cardis it is like having a fly on a string!  We didnt win, but then we weren't supposed to so I guess thats OK. Carols little black and white pap took breed 3 out of the 4 shows at only 8 months old. She is a stunner, very flashy and hasa terrific attitude. 

Plus I won a bunch of stuff in the raffle to support a local GSD and Corgi rescue. All in all an enjoyable weekend.