Thursday, March 29, 2012

Native Performance Food Review 2

You may remember a post a few weeks back where I spoke about receiving a bag of Native Performance dog food in order for me to do a review.  The corgi crew just finished the last of the bag and I have to say my earlier review of the product still stands.  I am very happy with all aspects of how the 3 did on this food.  The first thing I noticed was what seemed to be an increase in the dogs energy.  I wasnt sure at the time that it was due to the coming of spring or the food.  Well I am still not sure about that but I am leaning toward the food, as the energy level has remained. I don't want anyone to ge tthe wrong idea, this is not the crazy energizer bunny type of energy, just a more up attitude and a bit more play requested.  I have to say, I like the way they rate the food levels, of course I was guessing as to the right level for us, but 2 was a good fit for the end of winter. Come summer where we are even more active, I may give 3 a try.

The other really big change I noticed was in Siren. Rin has been the gassiest dog I have ever had ever since she was a pup. Some foods were better, some not so much. In all honestly I dont think I have noticed a Rinnie fart in over 2 weeks.  And that may I say is always a relief! Weights have been excellent on this food, coats are lovely, thick rich and shiny. Peace has a show coat without any other supplemets of any kind. Poops are about average for a kibble fed dog. 

I had not tried this with Grace due to her megae, and the need to feed softened high calorie foods.  I am considering getting a bag of the higher calorie level and seeing how she handles it.  However she is doing pretty well on the stuff she has now, it soaks up nice and soft, so changing it is something I really have to think about.

All in all I definately will keep this in my dogs regimen.  Thanks Native Performance.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Siren and Magic - ORT1

Well, what a weekend adventure we had. We had such a great plan for our trip last weekend, unfortunately, that was subject to major changes!

The original plan was for Darryl and David to pack the car and the dogs then bring it over to me at work, where luck would have it, we were getting out early at 2pm due to the office move. Darryl would leave from there to go to work and David and I would leave to go to Chicago. We would get to make a large part of the drive in daylight and get to the hotel in time to get a good nights sleep.

The packing and meeting part went well and we were on the road by 2. We got across the river into Wisconsin and had just decided to stop for gas, when we heard a funny noise coming from the engine. A really funny, scary sounding noise. OK now, we had a noise in the car the week prior and the shop told us it was a loose belt, which they replaced. I thought maybe the new belt had stretched or something, so we ran the car into a shop for a look. An hour later they tell me it’s the transmission. OK, the car is under warranty, so I call the company they say I need to take it to a shop in MN, back across the river in Stillwater. They guys in shop one are telling me that this may be a bad idea as the flywheel that they think is the problem could break at any time and we would be stranded. I call shop 2 and talk to a really nice man there who tells me if it breaks down on the way, call him and he will come get us. I pay my fee there and off we go.

Dav,e the dogs and I drive back across the river and go to shop 2, with the car making its intermittent scream noise as we go. The mechanic there opens it up and listens and says “no f****in way that’s a transmission issue”. He pokes around for a while and tells me he really doesn’t think it’s the transmission, but he really has no idea what it is. He says he KNOWS it’s not the flywheel as the other shop stated, since this is an automatic and they don’t have flywheels.

By now its 5pm. I run over to the Enterprise car rental a block away. First they tell me they don’t have any cars now, but are expecting some in. We wait about 20 minutes, then they say they have too many reservations for what they have, so they won’t have a car for me. I ask them to reserve a car for me at Woodbury and we would try to get there before they close at 6. Call a cab and run back to the transmission shop, because of course the dogs are still there in the car, up on the lift. The taxi says 10 minutes, but takes 25 and now there is no way we will get to the rental place before they close, so we go all the way back to Bloomington via cab. By the way that cost 80 bucks before tip!

However, while in the cab I realized that the place I rented from before was open later so I had the cab take us there. We rented a brand new Kia Soul loaded up the dogs and gear and were back on our way out of town at 7:30 pm. By this time we were starving, and the dogs needed to stretch so we stopped in Woodbury and took a short break-not to mention getting coffee since we were now going to be driving the whole trip at night. Arrived at the hotel at 2:30 and fell into bed.

Saturday morning we left the hotel in what we thought would be plenty of time to get to the show, and would have been had we not gotten lost. But we found the place about 5 minutes before we needed to be in the ring. Magic and I managed to get 2 double Q’s toward his UROG (Rally Grand Ch) just barely squeaking out one of them after I lost us 6 points. That pesky left turn that goes the other way had me so flustered that I did an additional sign by adding in the number 4 sign again right near the end. Magic earned a 98, 99, 96 and another 99, so not too bad and both were over the required 192 combined total to count. 5 down, 10 to go! The trial was small so over by 1 and we had the afternoon to relax.

Sunday morning we had the real reason for our trip to IL. The ORT. For those who are not familiar, this is the Odor Recognition Test that is required in order to test in nosework. I have to say I was pretty nervous about this. I was pretty sure Siren and David were ready, but I was not sure about Magic at all. They had a warm up area set up so we both ran our dogs through one time. Both Magic and Siren did find the right box, which I think calmed both David and I down a bit. David was in first with Siren, and then Magic and I. Both dogs passed the ORT. David doesn’t remember the time for Siren, but Magic was 40 seconds. I do have video that I will load once we can get to the library to do it.

The drive back with the rental was uneventful, although we did stop at Baskin Robbins for a little celebration ice cream. Hopefully David and Siren will get into the trial in May!

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Going away for the weekend.

David and I are going to IL this weekend. We are taking Siren and Magic. That means Grace will be left home. It will be the first time I am going away since she was diagnosed.  And I am all full of worry. Darryl has to work, so not only will I not be there, but she will be alone for long periods.  I hate having a sick dog, even one who is doing well.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Native Performance Dog Food - Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email asking me if I would be willing to try and review the new dog food Native Performance.  For my participation I would be sent a bag of food and all I needed to do was review it.  I agreed to give it a try.  They asked which formula would best fit our dogs, and I selected the Energy Level 2.  My crew are pretty active, for city dogs, and this formula felt like the best fit for us. A week or so later we received a large bag in the mail.

The corgi crew have been eating this food now for about a week and a half.  They all love the food, even Grace who can be rather particular. (Note, unlike the other dogs, due to her condition, Grace is not able to be on this full time, but I wanted to see if she would eat it. Since she does like it we may try the highest calorie version for her down the road.)

Its early in the test, but so far I am rather pleased with what I am noticing.   Of the 3 dogs who are eating this exclusively I am noticing slightly smaller poops, with much less stink to them. Siren has a tendency to be gassy on kibble, but I am not noticing any significant gas so far.  All 3 dogs are doing well weight wise.

The biggest change I am noticing is that they all seem to have a bit more energy. We have had major play sessions since being on this food.  And the sessions are longer and more vigorous. Even after 2 days of agility they came home and still played for hours.  Now can I say for sure its the food, no, as the weather has been pretty nice lately and the daylight hours have increased, but even Darryl noticed enough of an energy change to make a comment about it.

We haven't gone through the whole bag yet, but so far I am rather happy with the results.

Note-while I am not being paid for this review, we were provided with the food free of cost.