Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Grand Victrix Bentley

Last weekend Bentley, Wash, Peace and I went down to Purina Farms in Missouri to a bunch of shows.  There were 2 WGSDCI Chapter shows and a UKC show on Friday, 2 UKC shows on Saturday and the WGSDCI National Specialty on Sunday.  What a weekend. First off early in the week prior the weather forecast was for some rain on Friday but then clearing.  Well let me just say that was almost a total failure of a forecast.  It rained all day Friday and all day Saturday.  This was an outdoors show, so cold, damp, windy, wet, more wet, muddy and more wet.   I had packed what I thought would be warm enough clothes for Friday, but I seriously underestimated the wind and I think I froze most of the weekend.  Stewarding in gloves was interesting as I couldn't grab the ribbons at all, but it was fun anyways.

Friday the day started with the Texas Chapter WDSGCI show followed by the MN Chapter show, then the UKC show.  In some ways I was a bit dissapointed as these were not very big shows. I had hoped that there would be a bunch of white shepherds to play with.  However we were there so we decided to just have fun and do our best.  Bentley was WB, BOW and BOS.  In the second show we were reserve.

I did not enter the Friday UKC show since Donna was the judge, with any of the dogs.  I know that she would have judged the dogs in the ring, but I did not want anyone to get the wrong idea.  So instead we helped out and did paperwork, as well as cheered for the other dogs entered.  I know it doesnt look like there was a lot of rain, you have to trust me it was wet. 

Saturday brought more rain, and the 2 UKC shows.  This was fun too, it was the first time I really got ot be a UKC conformation steward.  I sure hope I did it all OK!   I also showed the dogs, but the wins went elsewhere.  Laura's Sassy was the cardi winner, and it was well deserved.  Tracie showed Wash for me and I took Peace in. Peace was sure the game was leaping over the puddles and Wash thought we were tracking, so neither really showed thier best. Sassy did and rightfully won.  In GSD's Bentley was a goober. She would not settle into a trot and gait. I think she thought she was a gazelle leaping over the puddles. Oh well, I cannot complain about the judges selections at all, as all the dogs were deserving. However though, all teh wet slippery grass was causing my back to have fits. Every slight slip and I was in pain, radiating up my spine and down my right leg. UGH.

Sunday was the National event. Now remember its been raining, for days. The mud, red clay slippery mud, was oozing over the grass all over the ring, all over the people, all over the dogs.  The first thing Donna says when we get there Sunday morning was OK lets make this ring the right size.  Remember this is a GSD show, the ring size was doubled.  I looked a thte size of the ring, thought about how much trouble I had running yesterday and I knew I was not going to be able to properly show Bentley.  So even though it was hard for me, I asked Donna to please show her in the bitch class.  And boy am I glad I did, as our judge gaited those dogs, up down and around, repeatedly.  Donna did an amazing job with Bentley though and the judge was patient enough with the dogs to allow them time to get inot stride so she could really see then dogs at thier best.  Thanks to Donna's skill, Bents was awarded Winners Bitch.  But that meant I had to take her back in for Breed. I did, it wasnt pretty and it hurt, but in the end Bentley was awarded BOS and Select 1, which earned her the title of Grand Victrix. Isnt that kinda awesome? 

Multiple ribbons, 2 trophies and a crystal bowl, and from Purina, 2 tote bags, a big towel and a blanket. WOW.  And an experience to remember forever. Thank you so much to our weekends judges, but mostly to Tracie and Donna for thinking that Bentley and I would be a good team, and for helping us get there.