Monday, June 3, 2013

Spring into Summer

Here in Minnesota, its been a rainy, wet, gray spring. And as always spring is very busy. Last weekend was no exception to that.  On Friday Wash and I went up to Fargo for the supported entry.  Wash had a really good time, and althought the class jusge didnt find him for the points, he did win Sweeps, and brought home a pretty ribbon, a couple of checks and a lovely purple embroidered towel.  Then on Saturday and Sunday, Magic and I went down to Rochester to play CPE.  I really am hoping to get Magic qualified for the CPE National which is happening here in MN next year. To do that though, we need to get through level 3. This weekend we were able to make a bit of progress in that regard. Magic and I qualified in all 10 runs, earning first places in all but the one class.  The one where he got second was snooker.  This is a point earning game, on this course we decided to go for it all and try to earn the maximum 51 points, but sadly we didnt quite make that last 7. Had I gone for the easier 46 points we may have gotten that blue too, but hey its always fun to try for the max.

 I am trying really hard to play as much agility with the boy as we can this year. I have several more CPE weekends in the plan. This may mean that Wash's career is a bit delayed, but he is a youngster and has planty of time, hopefully.