Sunday, September 9, 2012

Hope Day Festival

Today as part of the Mn Mixed Breed Club Magic Wash and I went to the Hope Day Festival at the U of MN.  The group of us gave several demos of obedience and agility for the kids and their families. But more importantly the corgis got to do what they do best, give love and affection to others.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Keeping BUSY!

I haven't been posting much but I have been rather busy lately.  Wash is taking to his classes fabulously. In fact Wash takes to everything fabulously.  This weekend we had several firsts including staying in a hotel, riding in an elevator, crossing a footbridge, and peering over the side, and hunting crickets.

Magic Wash and I traveled to Ixiona WI with our friend Tracie and her GSD's to play at a UKC agility trial.  Wash handled the hanging out and meeting new dogs very well.  Magic and I ran 12 runs of agility.  4 AG1 runs, 4 Q's (200 3rd, 200 3rd, 199 4th, 198 No placement) 4 AG2 runs 4 Q's (198 3rd, 199 4th, 200 3rd, 200 1st) and AG3 (NQ, 200 3rd, 198 4th, NQ).  It was our first time running AG3 and it was fun, but I made some mistakes. In AG3 there are portions of the course where the judge tells you you have to handle from a certain side, and while we were able to do that it made me a little nervous I think which might explain why I had some brain farts in planning my paths.

Overall Magic and I lost most of our points at the teeter, it was a really lightweight aluminum one and the bounce was awful, he went off the side.  I'm not sure how to train for that, since I don't really have access to a teeter like that.