Saturday, December 19, 2015

My first judging assignment for my own club, MMBC's WCRL trial.

Well, i see I have some blogging catching up to do.  But for today I want to post about my first rally judging assignment for my own club Minnesota Mixed Breed Club.,  I joined the club several years ago because I loved what they were doing, This was before AKC allowed all american dogs.  This club held events for several organizations that allowed all dogs to play.  One of the first games I played with this club was APDT rally which later became WCRL. I loved it and was hooked, I became a member and did whatever I could to help out,  First working trials, then as a committee member and now finally as a judge.  

Today we held 2 trials.  As the judge I created the courses and judged the competitors.  It sounds like an easy job, but in reality it's not.  Each trial has at least 5 courses to be created, maps and score sheets.  Each course has multiple requirements to fulfill the level, and each course on average  takes me about an hour to create. Its quite exciting to see the dogs run those courses, and to see where I could have done them differently, based on how the dogs respond. Today some went as expected, some were a little easier, some a little harder. 

It makes me so happy to see the successful teams, it makes me happier to see teams that have a bobble, but take it in stride and still compete happily. It has never been my intention to create a course that is too hard for any team, challenging yes, but appropriately challenging. 

Some highlights today, Several beautiful young dogs runs, they were happy, they were upbeat and they ran with joy,.  The veteran dogs had lovely runs, culminating in a dog who struggled today coming together with a beautiful perfect run. New exhibitors starting out, some showing nerves at first, but relaxing as they went along.  From my perspective a lovely day.  Thank you to everyone who trusted me enough to show to me.

It was a good day for me too, Wash showed in the judges class and had 2 nice runs. 

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