Sunday, November 22, 2009

Peace and the football game

Today we got home from the dog show in plenty of time to watch the football game.  Apparently Peace was tired from her 2 days at the show, she hopped up on my lap, streched out down my legs and took a 2 hour nap.  And if I so much as commented on the game she would lift up her head and give me the stink eye.  What a DIVA she has become. 

Today at the show there were only 3 entered, so to try to keep the one possible point, I left her in the classes.  I tried to show her badly, I let her sniff and romp on the lead, but she still took winners. Thankfully, the judge gave the one lone boy BOB so he got the cross over point.  I would have felt really bad if Diana and Mac hadn't gotten at least one point for the day.  And we got to come home early which I was rather glad for since my sinuses are rather unhappy. I can't wait for my appointment tomoorow. Hopefully once the tooth is gone the penicillan can work on the infection.  If I don't post tomorrow, I am probably asleep.

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Janet said...

I was happy to see your post Saturday that Peace is now CH! Great news!! Aunt Scout sends a high paw.