Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Dancing and Dog Shows

I have become totally enamored of So You Think You Can Dance.  It locks me in every Tuesday night for 2 hours. Then Wednesday for an hour because I need to see who goes home.  Unfortunately tonight I am going to have to miss it. Since we have a show this weekend I kind of feel like I need to take Peace out and see if she remembers how to behave.

Peaceful has a bit more hair than she did a couple of weeks ago, but hardly no britches at all.  Its just her and her half sister, so once again, I am expecting we will be helping Diana's girl with some points, but we will go and have fun anyways. But when the weekend rolls around if you can think a good thought or 2 for her I would appreciate it, we just need that last single.

1 comment:

penni said...

I'll be urging the judge for that one point for Peace. At the same time, I'll be saying goodbye to little Watson -- tear!