Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Update

It was a lovely weekend in Minnesota. A lovely, boring, quiet weekend.  Days playing with my dogs, crocheting the next afghan and lazing around watching the birds at the bird feeder.   Today football and more crocheting.  Can't be beat, really, but not too much to blog about.  Sorry for that! 

(old picture of Grace Talking-which se does alot!)
Did get Grace's RA certificate from AKC yesterday. Yeah Gracie. She asked me today if perhaps she could go to the next dog show.  Well I think that is what she asked.  She came trotting into the kitchen carrying a show lead and collar-hers.  I thought it was in the collar box, but I found the box open in the closet.  Not really sure how she pulled that off, but the only collar and lead she took was her kangaroo leather one and she brought it right to me. She always tends to surprise me.  


dreameyce said...

SMART girl! Very impressive she found her leash, and had the mind to tell you what she wanted! Time for the dog shows!

Jules said...

What a good girlie - telling you what she wants!

Janet said...

I love that picture!