Saturday, November 28, 2009

Working hard, or lazing around, depends on perspective

I am spending these 3 days working on holiday gifts.  Now, I call it working hard, David on the other hand calls it having fun or lazing around.  See in his opinion its not work.  Work should be doing the dishes, (which I asked him to do so I could play), or vacuuming, which with 4 corgis and a husky mix is vital right now.   I figure that its OK to work hard on something you enjoy doing right?  I mean, is the gift any less done if I do it while watching TV?  Or does that really mean I am spending the weekend enjoying myself?  Oh gosh, how horrible is that? Well no matter anyone elses desires, this weekend they can take care of themselves. I am busy!  Well, except for Magic who will bug me nonstop unless I toss that toy for him.

I hope everyone has a great weekend, do something you enjoy today.   Good luck those of you out showing, I will be watching for show results.

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