Friday, November 20, 2009

I AM NOT fond of Dentists.

I am sure that dentists as a whole are great people, but I just hate having to go visit them.  I had an appointment bright and early today, 7am. Unfortunately  my visit today was not successful at all.  The tooth is as I expected, unsaveable. So we set out to remove it. Well guess what, its unsavable because it is so fragile it shattered in the process of pulling it.  And no, he couldn't get it all. so I have the bottom half of a tooth in my jaw still. Until Monday, when i have to go to the surgeon and take a little nap.   I have percocet and antibiotics to get me throught the weekend, but somehow I cant see me showing on percocet- but we might have to try it!  It may be an interesting weekend!

Peace and I are ready for the show, well as ready as I get. .  David and I went and set up a space for Diana, Mac and I.  Then we attended a seminar on the breeding bitch put on by a Royal Canin representative.  I thought it was really interesting. They gave out some books on reproduction and breeding, they had a nice little buffet and beer and soda. And it was free.  They will be doing another on reproduction at the Granite City show, I may go up just for that. 

Oh yeah, the show this weekend is being held at the local racetrack.  We arrived a little early for the seminar, so while we were waiting David and I went up to the OTB floor and were wondering around.  We had some dinner, a hiuge fish and chips basket that we shared and still couldnt finish, and watched the simulcast racing. All of a sudden I looked at this one horse, and said, I need to bet on him.  So I bet on him, and David bet on a different horse.  They finished 1 and 2, one of us won $11.60!  Is it a prelude to a good weekend, or a harbinger of doom.....


Chris said...

Hi Dawn,
I found your writings, following (of all things) a comment you posted on Susan Garrett's blog. Small world. Anyway, hope your luck continued at Canterbury.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oh no! Sorry to hear about the tooth. I hope when you get it taken care of it is a simple procedure and as pain free as possible. I gate the dentist's, too!

But...good on you for betting on a winning horse and coming home with a little extra money. whoohoo!