Thursday, June 18, 2009

Peace, hot weather and a wet mom

I love Peace. She is a sweet, sweet girl. But she is a clingy girl. It's hot and humid today and we don't have air. Peace insisted on sitting on me every chance she got. Up on my lap panting and drooling tongue sweat all over me. Holy moly, I never knew one dog could generate so much heat!

Today at the dogshow, she won her class, but that was all for us today. She would not stop and stand like a normal girl. The judge asked us for several down and backs, because she was either sniffing or she would stop and hold up one foot and lean. Goofy girl! We will see what Saturday brings.

Time for another shower, this one to get rid of Peace spit and Mom sweat. I really dont care for hot weather! Night all!


penni said...

Sympathy -- and after they pant and drool and lick, they leave dog hair firmly stuck on your arms and wrists.

StubbyDog said...

Good luck!

And yeah. Lizzie is the same kind of girl. At shows when we stay in a hotel she gets to sleep on the bed with me, and I have to convince her that she doesn't need to be wrapped around my neck like a mink stole. LOL!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Panting leads to drooling leads to getting hair stuck all over you ... it's the Circle of Sweat. Hakuna hottata!