Wednesday, June 3, 2009

training update

Well, tonight's training was interesting. Siren worked on attention and heeling, and got to do a couple of runs through the tunnel. Nice, short just enough to keep the excitement. Peace worked on walking nicely on the leash- no bulldog pulling. She is still terrified of the tunnel, goofy girl.
Magic worked on drop on recall, and retrieves. He loves retrieves, so we proofed some with tosses way to the side of the jumps, and me moving to the edge of the jump. After the first oops, he did really well with that. But, as heelingis our issue, we heeled around in between and he did well once he realized, no heel, no dumbell.
Grace, well, was the typical Grace. Since I need to work her with some space, and my yard is too small, we walked to a vacant lot with the tunnel, a hoop and a couple of jumps. At first she was very focused, and was working really well. But suddenly as she tends to do, she was gone. She decided to play her favorite game. Chase me through the city. (Note, we had a collar and leash on her because she is not trustworthy, but I dont have any place with fences to work her, so she was easily caught, but I can't seem to train that trick out of the little monster. She pulled it several times at class, too, its her favorite game.) Once I caught her, she went home to her crate and I worked all the other dogs in front of her. She was not happy about that!

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