Saturday, June 27, 2009

Agility trial

Today was day 2 of the NSHGC agility trial. I am exhausted! I worked yesterday starting at 9 am, as we had an excellent only day that ran until ofter 730. Today we arrived at 6, and along with working all day, I ran Magic too. Tomorrow, back at 6 am for the last day.

Today had some really good moments, and a few concerning ones.

Magic made it clear today that after getting bounced off the teeter a few weeks ago, he has no intention of working that again. Nope, not gonna do it. So I guess we have to go do some serious teeter work. Since he wouldnt take the teeter, of course we NQ'd in Standard. That was OK though. The rest of the run, was nice enough. He gave me wonderful weaves. I think I have been so worried about them, that I have been invading his space. Today since I knew we already had an NQ, I just sent him on and he took them like cleanly and with more speed than normal. (In other words, he moved faster than a crawl-LOL!)
In FAST he decided that he would rather take the 2 point jump a bit further out, than the 1 pointer I asked him to take, which was A_OK with me. He did the send beatifully, stopped dead in front of the teeter, so we just decided to skip it. Finished the rest of the run just exactly as I asked, finishing the course under time with a Q! I was very pleased with my boy.
In JWW, he did knock a bar, but otherwise ran nicely and gave me a very nice directional change and really made me happy. No Q but darn, sometimes I just am so proud of him-he does really well with a not so great handler. Tomorrow no FAST class, but I am hoping I can convince him to try the teeter, in Standard. He has his NA so its not a problem if he NQ's until we get the teeter thing resolved.

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penni said...

Have a great day today -- and then you can go back to work to rest!