Sunday, June 28, 2009

NO Q at all!

I can honestly say, the first NQ was totally Magic since he has now decided teeters are evil. But the other was just so STUPID!!! I completely lost my way on course, and Magic the good boy he is ran a SUPER JWW course-just not the right one! Even the judge commented after the trial what a great course we ran, laughingly of course. I have to say, being on the trial committee I was able to spend time with the judges and they were sure super. Its too bad though about the teeter thing. I am hoping that if I can just get him to do a couple he will be fine, he just wouldnt even try this weekend.

I also have to brag on my boy just a tiny bit. He is such a good boy. He has never met a person he doesn't like, kids or adults, he spent most of his(and my) free time this weekend being loved on. Which makes Magic a very happy boy.

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Dennis the Vizsla said...

You can never spend too much time getting loved on -- just ask Tucker and Dennis!