Sunday, June 21, 2009

David graduated Friday and is now on the job hunt. The graduation ceremony was held downtown in the Pantages Theatre and was very nicely done. The schools culinary students did the food for a reception after, and although we didnt get much more than a taste, it was wonderful. We followed the day with a dinner with my mom, brother and nephew Leo. We were at Benihana which was a riot with a 3 year old.
Saturday morning at the dog show, Peace was WB,BOS for 2 points. Also, her brother Music was reserve. Then we had Leo's 3rd birthday party in the park. Unfortunately I got a bit sunburned in spots. The night was capped off with a nice time at Darryls 40th class reunion. Lots of driving between the travel to all of them, but it was nice.
However, this morning as we were on the road to the dogshow, we have some car issue, and didn't make it. I apologize to the other competitors for the drop in points, but we really were stuck. However, we were able to get the car fixed relatively quickly (about noon) and got home around 1. I dont know how anyone did today and am eager to hear.
Hope you all had wonderful, and maybe slightly less hectic weekends!


penni said...

It sounds like a packed weekend. On the people-front, congratulations to the GRADUATE. On the dog front, congratulations on Peace's showing. On the car front -- shoot!

Garrett said...

first of all CONGRATS to David for his graduating! I remember mine and yes its a big deal!!

Also congrats with Peace's points! I think just about everyone got at least one point this weekend.

Sorry to hear about the car. Diana told us and I asked if you needed a ride to get picked up but it was already after 7. Zoe was going to be pulled as she had those pesky mouth ulcers again...this time I know its stress related. Poor thing.

Glad to hear the car is fixed though!! And nice to catch up with you!

Jules said...

Wow, What a busy weekend. Congratulations!

Cindy said...

Sounds like you had a busy but great weekend! Congratulations to the graduate and for Peace's points.

Sherilyn said...

Congratulations to David on the graduation...and best of luck in finding a great job! :)

Congrats to you and Peace, too! That's awesome! Sucks about the car, but glad it was a quick fix and hope that's the last of the pesky problems with that!

Hope to see you soon! Have a great week!