Saturday, June 6, 2009

Minnesota weather and the dog show

Most of Minnesota and the surrounding states have been very dry the last couple of years, and really dry lately. Many lakes are showing significantly low water lines. We NEED rain. But why, why is it that we get the wonderful full day constant rain along with really cold air. Its overcast, and really really wet today. Its cold, under 50 degrees, with frost warnings in the top 1/2 of the state. Oh, and did I mention, its a dog show weekend- an outdoor dog show weekend? Well, on the positive side, there wasnt a whole lot of point spending too much time grooming. And the areas under the tent cleared out really fast when classes were done, because no one wanted to stay outside any longer than they had too. And it was fun watching handlers trying to convince these wonderful pampered show dogs that leaving the tent to trot around the ring in the rain was a good thing. (There was one cocker ahead of us who simply put on the brakes and would not move out past the tent edge. The handler had to pick him up, carry him into the rain, to get him to move at all, then the little guy rushed back for cover-even the judge laughed) . Unfortunately we hardly had any cardigan entry today, 2 dogs, Peace and one special. Fortunately the judge did award Peace BW/BOS so we picked up one little point. And she commented on what a nice girl she was, and how she was amazed that she had been able to stay so clean in the water, red mud mess!


Garrett808 said...

Was this a UKC show? How many points do you need for UKC CH? I'd love to try UKC sometime!!

And yes...we need rain but today is just plain cold and crappy! I was out fencing and had to quit as I couldn't feel my fingers!!

Congrats on the point!

Dawn said...

Nope, AKC. the Lake Minnetonka show in Jordan.

UKC is just plain fun. There you need 100 points and 3 competition wins. The next one is the Duluth weekend though.

Sherilyn said...

Congrats on the point..every point counts! :) Sorry for the bad weather...been there, done that, yuck! Hopefully Cambridge will be nicer for everyone! We'll be in Iowa City that weekend, so hoping for nice weather, too!

It was a little rainy in Moberly, but luckily the rings are under a pavillion, on concrete. Just had to make it the 50 yards or so from the grooming barn to the rings without getting too wet and carrying the dogs so they don't muddy up their freshly cleaned feet. Fun! LOL

Hope to see you soon! Take care!