Thursday, June 11, 2009

OH NO, Sunday is coming

Its coming up quickly....Due to the weather (and my laziness) Grace and I haven't practiced at all. Not since her little catch me if you can game last week. She is only entered in FAST, I don't think she will get any send, should I just pull her??? Or should I let her have fun, and most likely make me look more foolish than usual? Will the judge get mad if she is a gooberhead? What to do, what to do????


penni said...

I'd say try to get practice runs in today, tomorrow, and Saturday -- then make your decision. If she's playing "what on earth are you talking about?" you may want to pull her. I don't think you want her to believe that at a trial she can be a crazy girl and get away with it.

manymuddypaws said...

i second Penni's opinion- you don't want her to think that in a ring/trial setting she doesn't have to listen, or maintain her criteria. I would pull her.