Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tunnel Fun

The other day I broke down and bought one of those 5 foot kids tunnels. So I open it up and Grace looks at me and charges right through. Over and over. Grace only went to 2 sessions of agility classes, about 16 weeks or so, and that was over a year ago before the pups. And the funny part is she NEVER liked the tunnel. Once we planned her pregnancy, she kind of became the stay home girl. She always loved the dog shows, and she just pranced around at the UKC show in March. Now, Miss Grace has always been a rather independent gal, and although we have done some rally, off leash is a challenge. She often has her own agenda. I wonder if perhaps she is just bored enough now to cooperate? HMM, might have to test that theory. In fact maybe I will have her measured at the trial this weekend?

Now Siren took to the tunnel no problem at all. Peace on the other hand-no way. Its been several days and she still refuses. Silly girl.


penni said...

I also bought one of the "kid" tunnels from Toys R Us. The dogs love it. I think that's because it has clear vinyl sections that let in light. They'll race through it like a group of hooligans. Oh, yeah. They are a group of hooligans!

Dina said...

Sister Moira started agility just recently too and has been amazing! I know Janet is planning on entering Sister Scout in agility at the National next year - maybe we could have all 3 girls there. Wouldn't that be a hoot?!?!

Dawn said...

Yeah, A hoot indeed! When we were at agility classes, at least twice a month Grace would play the "you can't catch me game." I am pretty sure that if we do go back to agility, Grace will never be one to get to play at outside trials with a little surveyor tape as a ring. She would be across country in a flash! Good luck with Ra! i am sure she will do wonderfully.