Thursday, May 14, 2009

Agility Saturday

Saturday is another NADAC trial. Magic hasn't shown any signs of any issues, but after coming up lame at the last trial I am a bit nervous. It's been so long since we were able to take any classes, so I dont expect anything other than having a good time. Which since Magic loves agility should work out just fine.

On another note, tonight I started making a weight pulling harness for the boy. I hope to have it ready to start doing some training next week. I figure it is will be good exercise for us both.


Sarah said...

Good luck! Maybe a massage for Magic after you stretch him out will help him keep limber. Although you might try it out at home first (vbg) to see how Magic bounces back. When I tried to give Kane a massage before an agility trial, I didn't leave enough time between the massage and the running, and he was, well, still a bit relaxed and "Zen" and we sorta ran the course about 20 seconds over time. haaa!

Garrett808 said...

Well how did it go? I'l be blogging about Sadie's in the AM, but we NQ'ed both Open JWW and Novice Standard on the LAST obstacle on both legs! GRRR!! Hopefully you did better than we did!