Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fun, then NO FUN, then a little fun

We went to the dog park today. I had a great time. I ran and ran, and chased with a bunch of other dogs. I carried a tennis ball around when my new friend Brady got tired of carrying it. I ignored Mom when she told me not to go in the swamp. I don't know what the big deal is, when I got out of the water I went and rubbed lots of the slimy green stuff off in the sand.
I didn't think it should be such a big deal, but apparently Mom did. First she spayed me with the hose, then she gave me a bath. She must have put that sudsy soapy stuff on me four times if she did it once. OH the indignity! All of my good sand went running down the drain.
So when I got out of the tub though, she put down some towels for me to roll on. I like that! But those darn girls kept getting in the way- what do they think, they didn't have a bath!


penni said...

Every family must have a mudder -- they are oblivious to how badly they smell, and the mess they track in. They should be harder to love.

the Corgi Girls said...

We love that last picture!

Jules said...

LOVE the pic with the girls in it too - trying to hog those towels!

Sarah said...

Deer Majick,

So wut's the deel wiff moms and baffs? Don't they know how long it takes us to git our stink n dirt JUST right? Then the moms come around and ruin our day!

Yer fwend, Syd

Garrett808 said...

Brother Magic -

My dad always gets mad if I roll in cow manure or find something dead in the ditches when we are walking the gravel roads and roll on it. I just don't understand why he doesn't just let me sleep on the bed next to him? Why must he bathe me? I just got all good and smelly.

Hopefully we can teach our parents the benefits of these activities sometime!

Dixie the Poodle said...

My goodness yoo had sum reel bad luk getting a barf. I don't lyk barfs becorz I get the blowy fing of torcher & the kowmb of torcher too & I don't lyk it.