Thursday, May 28, 2009

Do dogs get a 24 hour virus?

I am not sure what is happening at my house. It seems like the dogs have a 24 hour virus passing between them. Monday night, Kazin whimpered on and off all night and kept asking to go outside, and during one of his 2 am out trips, Grace started throwing up and was really uncomfortable, but by Tuesday morning both were on the upswing, much perkier. By Tuesday noon, you couldn't tell either one had anything wrong, Except for the vomit Grace laid in and was covering her butt. Tuesday night and Wednesday all were fine, except Magic was a bit quiet, and not asking to play. Last night Peace had a horrible bit of diarhea, although she just went in her crate and didnt even let me know she was bothered. Now she too needs a bath, but to look at her she is acting fine and totally normal, other than not pooping when she went out this morning. So far Siren has been fine.

I am really greatful that whatever it is, it is short lived and really not too bad or hard on the dogs, but I wasn't planning on baths this week. Oh well.


Sherilyn said...

We had something like that run through our house during and after Nationals. After everyone having it at least once, it was gone. Pain for us, but the dogs didn't seem much worse for wear.

Good luck and hope all are feeling better soon!

Dawn said...

Good to know Sherilyn. I was hoping that would happen, since they seem fine by the next day.