Saturday, May 23, 2009

St Peter Dog Show

Today was Peace's day of the weekend. We went to the dog show today and managed to pick up another point with Winners Bitch and BOS (although I lost that ribbon somewhere). Although I am surprised as she couldn't get her nose out of the grass. Diana's lovely boy won Winners Dog, BW and Best of Breed, beating his dad, and by doing so, earned a 3 point major. Yeah for Diana.
Joyce and Music were there today too. He sure has matured into a nice looking boy. Lots of coat, but very handsome.
Judy and her young collie had a successful run in Rally too, but it was at the same time as breed so we couldn't watch. All in all a good day.
Tomorrow, agility with Magic.


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penni said...

Good job -- and the grass is why so many people go to the dark indoor shows. My three think grass is to sniff and roll in. Why would you run across it with your head in the air?

Garrett808 said...

congrats Dawn!!

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Congratulations Dawn!!!