Saturday, May 9, 2009

FUN Fun Match

The fun match today was just that, quite fun. David handled Peace in conformation and the judge did a great job helping and teaching him. At one point she told him to listen to his mother. Siren and Talie did conformation too. Siren, is not a conformation dog, but darn, attitude wise I wish she were, she did great. Talie went in with Brendan and I think they both had a good time.

Obedience came out quite as I expected. Grace Talie and Siren did Pre Novice and while not perfect performances, they were not horrible either. Siren hasn't been out anywhere nor had any classes yet either, and we went in just trying to have fun. Her tail was wagging and she was smiling so that was good. I havent really trained stay alot yet, and David had to take her in, so I told him if whe wouldnt stay not to worry about it at this point. Talie had fun playing more than heeling, but she also had fun. Grace blew her stay, so didnt Q, but otherwise gave me fairly good attention. Magic in open though, surprised me. His heeling stunk. I expected him to have trouble with the broad jump , but it was the recall that NQ'd him. He was just to distracted and had to have a second command, and then he didn't sit. He also was really mouthing the dumbbell. I think he does that most when he is so excited to get it that he doesn't get a good hold. He also grabbed it by the bell, so maybe its too close to the ground for him to get easily. Maybe he needs a slightly larger one, we might experiment with that.

It was fun to get out and play, and I really enjoyed the day with David and the dogs.

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Sarah said...

Congrats on the fun day. Poor Dawn, didn't anyone tell you that in Open, the dogs like to find new ways to humiliate and confuse the handlers? Open is the class of "well, he's never done THAT one before." :-)