Monday, May 25, 2009

Siren and Grace's Day

Since Peace had a day, and Magic had a day this weekend, I thought perhaps Siren and Grace needed some attention too. So this morning Siren and I went over to the agility trial and had some time together just hanging out. We met new people, watched other dogs run while we remained calm and quiet, and practiced a little attentive heeling. She did really well. she also had a (non official) measurement taken and she is going to have to run 12 inches too, but I expected that as she is a leggy girl. We also looked at the photographers pictures from yesterday and as usual, she got some really nice shots of Magic. I may have to buy one of them.

Then tonight, Grace and Magic and I went up to an agility run through at a new training facility. Magic and I focused on contacts and contacts and more contacts, although he also did run the course a bit. But Grace is the one who surprised me. Grace took a couple of 8 week classes last the fall before she was bred, so over a year ago. Today, just to see what she would do, I took her in to the run through. she was so excited to be there and so happy, we let her have 2 - 2 minute runs. The first time, we just went slow to see how she would react, but she was crazy having fun. Not in a bad way, she was listening and trying to do what I wanted, but she was so happy! She did the tire with no hesitation, she wanted to do the A frame, tunnels were good and she took the jumps I asked. She even did the very loud, very hard slamming teeter twice with no concern, or reaction. She just so surprised me. The second run through I asked her to run the course, she did everything, almost perfectly. I didnt ask for weaves, but I did put her leash on and walk her through them at that point on the course, so she wouldn't think it was ok to cruise by, but in her classes, we hadn't gotten to the point of training weaves yet, so I was not at all dissapointed. She blew me away with her cooperation. Those that know Grace, know that she is not all that often willing to do thing my way. This was just wonderful.

Yesterday since the agility trial was so close to home, and we had such a long time between our first run and second run, we came home in the middle and got Grace and took her back to be measured. They had 2 VMO's at the show, so Grace was able to get both of her AKC measurements. They were exactly the same, and definately over 11 so Grace will need to run 12 inches so I will most likely stick to preferred with her.


Janet said...

It took three measurements on Scout. First one came in under, second one was over, and the third one was very kind and let her get settled and she measured under.

Glad you are going to run her preferred. I think asking these dogs to go 12 is not so good for them in the long run.

penni said...

I agree that jumping 12" is really hard on our long-backed dogs. It sounds like you are going to have a great time with Grace. It's wonderful fun to have a dog that tunes in AND thinks she's having a good time.