Monday, May 4, 2009


OK so I screwed up big time. Way back when the pups were little, I got temporary listing numbers for Peace and Talie so we could go to the show and enter the novice puppy classes. I didn't have the AKC registration paperwork back from AKC yet, so I couldn't actually do the UKC registration. Time goes by and I realize that there is a show coming so I fill out the registration paperwork to send in, along with an entry for the show still using the TL number. No problem at all. Right- well normally yes, but of course I screwed it up. We go to the show, Grace gets her win needed to finish and Peace gets wins the next 3 shows, and 85 points. (you need 100 points and 3 wins with competition)

Fast forward to a week or so ago and I get Grace's UKC championship paperwork in the mail. I suddenly (slap up side the head) realize I haven't gotten the Peace's registration. Hmm. I email UKC, they show nothing? I check the bank and the check hasn't been cashed. (I know, had I balanced my checkbook recently I might have noticed). So, now since I didn't get her paperwork in before the points were accrued (remember I thought I had) we now have to pay to transfer the points to her permanent number. And because I got her TL number so long ago, it will cost $200.00 to do so. OOPS!

Well I just cannot afford to do that. So Peace is just going to have to earn 100 more points and earn 3 competition wins again. I guess the positive there is that we get to go play together more!

Oh, and guess what, today I found the envelope. I hadn't mailed it. It slipped under the little hard surface bottom of my tote bag and I never noticed it. (Along with about a buck in change)


penni said...

Now that's a bummer -- except for finding a dollar worth of change. It sounds like something any of us could have done given how busy we are.

I'm sure the other competitors will not be glad to see your girl back for competition!

dreameyce said...

TWO HUNDRED! OUCH! That sucks, but at least it's fun with dogs, and not say, a vet bill or something else unfun ;0P

Sarah said...

Just because I don't really know how much $$ is involved in getting these points toward the CH, I'll ask, because while the $200 seems really steep all at once, how much less (or could it cost more?) will it cost to repeat showing and accumulating those points again?

Traci said...

D'OH!!! :(

Garrett808 said...

200 is a lot for me too especially at once! i can understand not paying for it now but Sarah did make a good point on it if you consider new entry fees and travel time.