Sunday, May 24, 2009

Agility today

How did it go, well you tell me....

Magic will blow right by that
blue jump- missing the 8
point combination

Can you see the problem here? Yup, fly over the yellow.

Had he given me either one of these we would have Q'd, but alas-no FAST today.

But it wasn't all bad, here we made the send, the tire to the green jump. See the green line out there, Magic was in where he belonged, and I was way out there where I belonged.

Then later in Jumpers, he blew by a super easy jump again, but worked really well with me the rest of the course and got the rest of the course perfectly, including the hard parts.

However, the first run of the day was Standard and we did Q there with a first place. But no pictures because Darryl hadn't come yet. And that should be his NA title if I kept my records correct.
So 1 of 3 today, better than 1 of 6 last weekend! Plus the weather was beautiful and we had lots of fun.


penn said...

The standard Q is great. Congrats! The other runs are always luck of the draw - next time!

Jules said...

Hurrah! That's super.

Dennis the Vizsla said...

That looks like quite a course!