Saturday, July 31, 2010

ARCH Magic!

Well we did it. Despite me, we did it.  I was really nervous today, and I am sure Magic felt it.
Trial 1 Level 1 205 Fair run but I had to give dual commands several times. His fronts were really crooked.
Trial 1 Level 2 199 Better- would have been a 209 but I had him do a sit where there should not have been one, which was a 10 point handler error. Nerves I guess.  I really felt shaky during this run, and really cant remember much of it I was so unnerved. Gotta work on that.

Trial 2 Level 1 204 Again dual commands and a couple tight leashes. And crooked fronts.
Trial 2 Level 2 209 Nice run, the bonus test was Leave dog turn and down. He took a step before he downed. I can live with that!

Then since we earned that ARCH with the 2 double Q's, I decided to add in a level 3 run in the second trial. There we earned a 207, which I was very pleased with. I am not sur ewhere the points off were here, but it didnt matter, the run felt so much better. Of course it did- I wnet in with the attitude that we are going to go play and he loved that! He was much more up and happy to play.  Tomorrow I am going to work on the play!

It was nice today getting to play with our fellow bloggers, and dog friends. In the air conditioning!


Taryn said...

WooHoo! Congrats!

penni said...

Great job! Congratulations to the Team.

Katie said...


Jules said...

Congratulations!!! I hope you two celebrated!

Holly said...

Good going Team Magic! Congratulations!

Crystal said...

I love Magic. I didn't know you guys did Level 3- I would have come and watched had I known!

Thanks again for showing me how to feel Magic's shoulders and hips and stuff. That was so cool, and really helped me feel/understand what's going on a bit better.