Tuesday, July 27, 2010


David and Siren had their first nosework class tonight.  Siren really seemed to enjoy the class, but heck, what corgi wouldn't!  She got to eat treats, lots of treats, and all she had to do was find the box!   Seriously though, I can see how this training will be a whole lot of fun, for both handler and dog.  I kind of wish I were taking the class, not just being Davids backup (since he workes retail, he cant always be off when he wants to.)

On another subject, we got my Mom all moved now. Just a few more things to be done at the house, carpet cleaning and such.  Mom is mostly unpacked, but of course arranging stuff will go on for a while.  Going from a large mobile home to an apartment is quite a reduction and has been a bit tough  for her. But its gone well for the most part and I hope to be blogging a bit more regularly now. 

This weekend is the APDT trial.  Magic and I are going to try to actually practice the rest of the week in hopes of earning his ARCH.

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Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Glad you guys are having fun! I can really see how the dogs would just love that stuff! Although I personally really don't like training scent work. I hate the utility articles, hate the diabetic training at work, and don't even like the shell games. It is really cool to watch the dogs do scent work so easily though.