Friday, July 30, 2010


The most important thing about goals is having one.

~Geoffrey F. Abert

Everyday I receive an email with a quote for the day.  They are ususally business related, but many times overlap into daily life.  Like this one.  I find I work much better when I am working toward a specific, attainable goal.  Sure I like to dream, and I can dream BIG, but most of my goals are pretty well realistic.

This weekend I hope to attain one of the goals I had set earlier this year.  I wanted Magic to earn his ARCH (APDT Rally Champion). At the beginning of the year, in order to reach this I knew we would have to be almost perfect in our attempts, due to the limited APDT shows in MN.  We have 2 weekends a year, which is 8 trials and we needed 3 to earn his level 2 title, and then 5 QQ's.  Unfortunately that first weekend I NQ'd us for the first time ever in APDT rally.  I felt really bad about it too as we were having a great connection that run and the score would have been great, had I not misread a station sign and performed the wrong thing!

So in order to make this goal possible this year, we traveled to a trial in IA and picked up a few of the QQ's we needed. Which means that we only need to double Q twice this weekend, but of course our scores for those Q's need to be over 190 as well.  I am hoping we can do it, and I am really hoping I can read the signs correctly!   I am pretty sure Magic will be fine, but I will be a nervous wreck. I find that the more I work for something, the more nervous I get about reaching it.  I think thats normal? Not that I have ever been accused of being normal...


Jules said...

Good luck, Dawn and Magic. Working so hard for something makes it all the sweeter. I hope there is a celebratory blog post later this weekend.

oh, and that is a wonderful quote. :)

Sherilyn said...

Just remember to breathe and you will do great! Good luck! :)

penni said...

Best of luck -- I'm sure you and Magic can meet this goal.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

After seeing you and Magic run at the trial earlier this year, I have no doubt that you two can do this! Just relax, have fun, and I'll see you there!