Friday, July 16, 2010

Paw it Forward

Yesterday I was greeted at the door coming home from work by 3 very persistant girls.  Lots of rooing and hurry ups! Mom come, Mom Look, Mom, MOM  A box.  It smells good mom, All 3 girls went straight from me at the door over to the table where a box stood.  3 noses pressed to said box all the while Grace woofed out the hurry up command.   It didnt take more than a quick glance at the mailing label for me to see that the corgis got mail!
Once the dust settled and the package opening helpers actually let me get the box open, we were amazed at the loot the Baddogs sent us.  Rope toys, a cool linking ring toy, stuffed toys, tracheas, pig hearts and treats!  WOW!  Thank you BADDOGS!

Someone left the camera on and the battery was dead, so we will take a picture of the package later  and post it, assuming I can keep corgi noses away for a whole day. 

So a huge THANK YOU to Penni and Chase, Holmes, Leidy and Inca!  And if you would like to have a Paw it Forward package sent you, please leave me a comment.  I need 2 fellow bloggers who would like to receive and send out and PAW IT FORWARD! Leave me a comment.


Cindy said...

Count the Chaos Crew in! I've got some neat stuff that I would love to paw forward to someone!

dreameyce said...

I'd love to join in on the paw it forward game! It looks like so much fun :)

Sarah said...

Ooh, Oooh, the Hurrikanes would like to Paw It Forward!

Lybertygirl said...

I'm in.....send it my way