Monday, July 5, 2010

Magic July 5, and the end of the herding group agility trial

Magic is looking much better.  The only swelling left is right over the location where the big tumor was attached.  Unfortunately, apparently he has an ear infection. So back to the vet we will have to go tomorrow, unless the head shaking stops that is. 

It was a busy weekend for us.  Today was day 3 of our agility trial. I am very happy to report that the trial seemed to be a success.  I heard many great comments from the exhibitors.  The team that put the trial together were awesome. I hope they know how much I appreciated all the work they did. 


Janet said...

He is looking much better and still his happy smiling self!

Sharrie said...

Glad to read the Magic's swelling is going down. Good thoughts from us to him.

Jules said...

I hope the head shaking has stopped. Magic's muzzle is already looking better!