Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Paw it Forward update

I finally found a store with the right batteries for my camera.  For some odd reason everyone was out! 

Here is the Paw it forward package we received from Penni.  Thanks again! The dogs were tickled with the treats they got to actually eat once I got the picture taken.  We are going to be looking locally for th epork pumpers they were a huge hit!

Thank you to4responders who indicated that they wanted  to participate in the other post.. Although the rules say you should send to 2 responders, since I have 4 dogs playing we are going to send to all 4.  You should get an email from me today requesting an address, if you don't, please just send it!


penni said...

My dogs LOVE the pork pumpers. They are dreadfully expensive for their size, so I usually break each in half before I unwrap it. My dogs will do anything -- anything at all -- for a pork pumper. It is so nice of you to Paw four packages Forward. Too many dogs and not enough time . . .

Mistywowo said...

My corigis would love to play Paw if Forward..Misty, Pepper and harley (technically not a corgi ) love to get presents