Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Healing and Heeling

Well, with Magic being in healing mode, we haven't done any training in a couple of weeks now. Zero! Now, I am not someone who religously trains every day, but I usually do something every couple of days or so with each dog. But Magic has been on crate rest and wearing a cone. And since he is less that stellar about heeling anyways, I couldn't see practicing a heel position with the big cone slamming into me.  (I swear, he can take you out with that head of his)

But, now his nose is much better, so last night he got to go out and work with me, and he got to have the dreaded cone off to do it.  He was a happy, happy boy and he let it show. He heeled last night, head up, looking at me, focused and attentive. It was beautiful. The best heeling he has ever done!

So maybe he just needs to wear the cone and be on crate rest before every trial?  Just kidding! But it was such pretty heeling.....


penni said...

Maybe cone rest is the answer. I've used jealousy before to motivate, but never thought of the cone.

Jules said...

Awww!! That's awesome.