Thursday, July 8, 2010

Living on Faith

There are a few events coming in this month that I have been planning on all year.  The UKC show on the 17th and 18th and the APDT rally trial on the 31st and 1st. Entries for the UKC show need to be there by the 9th or 10th, which means I need to get them out today.  I am going to go forward on the plan that Magic will be healthy, his pathology report will come back OK. I am entering him in the weight pull and the rally trial. He only needs one leg for his URO2 (rally) so I am just entering once.  I had hoped to be able to enter all 4 rally and both obedience trials, but with the expenses of his care, I can't really afford more. This time, next year, we will be doing ALL the events again. (There is that Faith thing again.)

Then I know I have time before entries close for the APDT trial, but the entries are limited.  I am afraid to wait to enter him, because what if he cant get in? I know they will refund his entry fees if he is not able to work when the time comes, but I have faith that we will be OK.  He is close to reaching his ARCH and I am certain he and I can do this. So I am going to send his entries and pray that he is healthy enough to play, which he should be as I refuse to consider that his pathology report will be bad.  Living on Faith.


penni said...

Dawn we all must have some faith that life will go forward as planned -- otherwise we would not get out of bed in the morning. You might call your vet before you put the entries in the mail to make sure the report didn't come in last night. If it's not there, then lick that stamp. I'm sending lots of positive thoughts that way and I know others are as well.

Jules said...

Good for you and I am sure th epositive energy is good for Magic. I am sending positive and healing energy his way.

Holly said...

We all must have FAITH. Positive thoughts are flowing for you.

katie said...

where would any of us be with out faith? Down in the dumps for sure!

Last year my rottie had a huge malignant melanoma removed from her front leg. Same thing with margins. If they took any more skin to get better margins they would have had to do skin grafts and due to infection that can be as dangerous as the cancer almost. It was so scary and now we watch her constantly for signs that it has spread to the lymph nodes. But we too have faith. faith that it won't happen and faith that we will be strong enough to deal with it if it does!

A big part of faith is letting the future be the future and just enjoying the now-even if it means planning for the future with hope as you are! We Hope it all works out ok. cancer is sooo scary, but my girl is doing good almost a year later-hopefully the same for you!