Sunday, April 11, 2010

Weight pull practice

Today the 3 girls went to weight pull practice.  I wasnt allowed to train Siren, she is Davids and he had to work, but she went along to practice good dog behavior. She needs to work on waiting patiently in the crate.
Grace gave me 3 pulls today, and is starting to understand what we are trying to do. I was really happy with her work today.  Peace is a bit concerned about the cart and all the people, but she tried and I am sure she will get better.  This was her first time actually pulling anything, so with time will come comfort.  We have some things to work on, but it was still fun.

After the weight pull practice, we stopped at a local tennis court that noone was using.  Its one of the few fully fenced places to go and practice some off leash work. We did some recalls with all 3 girls and some heeling practice with Siren and Grace.  With Peace we are just starting with the choose to heel training and right now she hasnt quite figured out that mom and treats are more intersting than leaves, people, running etc, at least during the heeling portion.  But her recalls were super.  A youg gal was riding her bike around the course when Peace was working recalls, and she was totally able to ignore that. Grace also did a couple of  minimal distraction stays.  We are working on stays. But tonight she was able to stay with me jumping up and down and running in circles around her.  She only broke the stay once, and that was when I was returning to her. So next time we will practice lots more of me leaving and coming back.

Jade is still the same, Not real happy with me when I have to give her the meds, but otherwise doing well enough.

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