Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Eggbound Jade

One of my little rescue parrotlets is having some girlie issues.  She definately has an egg inside her needing to come out.  This gal has never laid since I have had her and its been 3 years.   Her little bottom is extremely swollen with that egg, yet she hasnt laid it, nor does she seem to intend to lay.  She hasn't been nesting, I gave her materials in the bottom of her cage so she could if she wanted.  She doesn't yet seem to be in peril or straining, but having never had a girl hold an egg for so long, I am concerned.  So we are on birdie watch today.   I really hope she can pass this herself and vet intervention is not needed.

Please think good egg laying thought for my little gal.

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Holly said...

sending good thoughts for your little bird. They are so darling.