Monday, April 19, 2010

Really he is messing with me.

So tonight the broad jump is painted white, and lo and behold, we leap happily over it.  And decide we cant go over the jump while carrying the dumbbell.  Last week he leapt over the jump carrying both the dumbbell and the tug at the same time, but tonight nope. If course that was his choice, not at my asking.

Does he really understand how this messes with my head???? I think so!

On the other hand, since I am looking at a total collapse on Saturday, I think I will enter Grace too.  Anyone looking for a good time and no Q's please come play at the UKC show with me. My goals for this day are really to try to get a good feel of where we really are, in a real competition setting,  I think they have day of show entries....

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