Sunday, April 25, 2010

No Q today either

Although we managed the retrieve today and jumped going both ways, Magic decided that obedience at 9:20 am was just too early and he decided to take a nap instead of the sit stay.   What a goober though, he wouldnt front properly, wouldnt give me the dumbell and his heeling was marginal. We had a Q going until that last exercise. But I got the last laugh, we also were the novice courtesy dog and he got a couple of little heeling corrections in that pattern. 

Then we went to the open call audition and had his pictures taken. Then on to weght pull practice where he had to work some more.  Poor tired boy. Peace went to pull practice as well, and is learning really well.

Grace did not go yesterday or today.  She had a bit of a loose stool, so I thought it was better she stayed home.  Rather be safe. 

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