Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Gracies tummy

Grace and I have gone back to agility classes. We are doing a very basic foundation class since I am trying to get a good solid foundation on her. Our classes are on Thursday. Unfortunately this week I have not been able to really practice with her. 

Last Friday we had a ham for dinner.  It had a very large fat layer under the skin, which we cut off and tossed out.  Well, thought we tossed out. We think the little stinker somehow got this big fatty piece and it gave her a tummy issue. (She puked once and it looked like ham rind) Which is what caused the loose stool on Saturday and Sunday. Due to this also, she got to have a 24 hour no food penalty on Sunday, followed by hamburger and rice for the next 5 days.  And for a non toy motivated dog, that means no training for her.

So I guess we wont show much progress tomorrow in class. Oh well. She is feeling much better and actually loves the hamburger and rice. I guess its just as well that I didnt get to take her to the trial on Saturday.  I had sort of forgotten that the down stay is in the ring with the working dog.  I dont know that she would have handled that- we are starting to train more distractions now. Its not going very well. LOL

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