Friday, April 2, 2010

Last class last night

Last nights class was our last trick/acting class.  It was really fun to see all that the various dogs had learned.
We had a pug who pushed a baby stroller,  an all american who went out and got the paper and delivered it to a helper, a young, very energetic, doodle who performed a lovely relax and speak. We had some high fives, some rolling over and general fun.  Magic rode his skateboard and also sort of did his hot dog retreive.  He was a little concerned that the other dogs might steal his hotdog, so it came back with a few teeth marks, but he did give it to me whole (just a bit mangled) with only a little convincing from me.  Last night we also traded dogs with others in the class.  Most of the dogs were very willing to go with someone else, and several, Magic included were also willing to do some work for another handler.  It was nice to see that Magic is able and willing to work for others.

He got his mini photo shoot pics back too.  I hope to get them scanned in later today. 

This was such a fun class because we got to learn goofy stuff and really Magic seemed to think this was play. It also seemed to help his attitude in other more traditional training too, so I am really, really happy that we were finally able to take the class.  There is an open casting with a local animal agent coming up.  The class trainer told me last night that she thinks that the agent would really like Magic, so we may give it a try. Not sure yet about that, but I guess it couldnt hurt.


Jules said...

Oh, I think you definitely should. How cool would that be?

It sounds like it was a fun class. I'm glad you AND Magic enjoyed it!

penni said...

Magic deserve to be a star of stage and screen -- go for it!

Red Dog Mom said...

Magic can keep up the family tradition of going into show business! Lynn's Logan was on an IAMS bag several years ago, The Red Girls can still be found on products at dog shows, Sam has done catalog work. Magic should definitely meet the agent!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

I'm glad you had fun and it looks like Magic got his tricks down too! I think he would be eaten up by the agency, absolutely gorgeous dog!

Dennis the Vizsla said...

Trading dogs sounds like an interesting exercise. Dennis tends to be totally unwilling to have anyone other than me or my wife hold his lead, except for a select few whom he has decided are not going to steal him away.