Monday, April 5, 2010

UKC Altered

UKC now has an altered program where altered dogs can be shown, and earn a championship.  Its a separate bunch of classes from the intact dogs, so it is not taking anything away, just adding to the fun.  On Saturday I watched Megan and Buzz and boy, it sure seemed that Buzz was having a great time. Booker the IG had his first conformation expeience too, and he looked pretty pleased with himself as well.   There wasnt a lot of altered dogs competing, but it was fun to see anyways.

I did take Miss Talie to the show as well.  She was still quite a bit concerned over the idea of the judge actually touching her, so I had a chat with her folks and I think we are going to spay her in a couple of months.  If she really doesnt enjoy showing, I dont want to take her out.  I have her entered in the Eau Claire show in a couple of weeks, but I may decide not to take her.  Yes, with time she might learn to tolerate it, but its really not necessary to stress her out when she would have been the only girl anyway.

Since the herding group was last on Saturday, it was first on Sunday.  I don't know if anyone knows this about me, but I LOVE going out and doing stuff with my dogs, and it just about kills me when there are local events and I can't go for some reason. (usually money related, but thats a separate issue).  So Saturday night I just could not get the fact that Sunday the herding group would be first and really, I would have time to run over, show and still get to Moms in time for dinner! I mean we weren't eating until 1, so it would be OK to go show earlier right?  I could enter Peace in the Champions class, or I could just enter the curly girl, since getting out and doing something would be good for her. OR, I could enter Magic in the altered class. 

I know, a fluff, I should be shot. Cant show a fluff, blah blah blah. My brain was going over all the crap I have been fed about how horrible it would be.  But it also was going through the thoughts of who would I be hurting.  Really no one. It was a win for the club, another entry. It wasn't going to take anything away from any other entry either.  I was not expecting him to win anything, I just wanted to play with my dogs. We could have fun and go do what I had actually purchased Magic for-showing.  So what the heck, I threw Magic in the tub, made sure he was nice and clean and off we went Sunday morning.

It was so much fun!  Taking Magic anywhere is so easy. All I had to take was the boy, a show lead, a little bait for a reward and a chair. Didn't need a crate, he doesn't need one.  Didnt have to take any grooming stuff, because hey what for?  Magic got to play with Safari, they both got to play with the crested's.  Magic got loved on by several people, which he will never refuse.  In the ring, he was a bit confused about what the heck are we doing here, but he seemed to enjoy himself a bit.  The judge commented on how really cute he is, and  we now have a best of breed and a group 3 ribbon for his scrapbook.(He was the only altered cardi, and there were only 3 in the herding group, so this is not a brag or anything, just a really wonderful memory I will always have of my special boy)  The only thing I don't have is pictures, because I didnt think to take  a camera, since it was just Magic and I and no one to take any.

Will we do it again, no, probably not. I know he is a fluff and really not the best conformation anyways. But I will always treasure the times and experiences he and I have together.  He is a special boy. He is my boy.


penni said...

Dawn, I love the way you think about your dogs. You are one of the few people I know who is able to say, "What would be fun for the dog" -- and then do that.

Jules said...

It sounds like you had an awesome day with Magic. How nice!

Holly said...

What fun!! I am thinking of entering Sabrina in the altered UKC shows around here.