Thursday, April 15, 2010

Music & Vegas

Yesterday I got a chance to visit with Joyce and see Music and Vegas.  Not to make my dogs feel bad, but Music(Nine) was and probably always will be my favorite puppy from Grace's litter.  I fell in love with him almost immediately.  He has grown into such a handsome dog.  No, hes not perfect or the show dog one dreams about, but he is a terrific boy.  He is smart, stable, confident but not pushy. Just love him, but so does Joyce, and he loves his momma too.  I really think I got lucky with placing the pups, I am still so very happy with each of the homes the pups went to.

I also got to see Vegas again, and what a wonderful boy he is turning out to be.  Laid back, easy going but confident and super willing. Happy to meet new people or new dogs. Was just super meeting Peace, who since being attacked is very cautious in meeting new dogs. And absolutely lovely to look at.  We were sort of laughing about his little freckles, he doesn't have many, but they are darn cute. Just one or 2 on each leg and on his muzzle. Nice big bone and at 10 months he is right around 30 pounds.  I told Joyce that if he ever disappears she might want to check my house.

Saturday we will get some Vegas pictures so you all can see how lovely he is. And of course Music too.


StubbyDog said...

I always loved his big "beauty spot" freckle beside his nose. :)

I'm SHOCKED that he's only 30 ish pounds! He was always the biggest puppy, and I know June (who was second) is heavier than that now. He must have followed his mama's growth pattern...she started out big and was 29 pounds at 6 months, but now as an adult is only around 31.

I'm thrilled to hear how well he's doing.

penni said...

We can't wait to see photos of Chase's nephew and of Mr. Magic. Is this a show weekend for you?

Baledwr said...

Thanks for updates...we depend on you!

And yeah, puppy weight and birth size don't mean the biggest :) I'm happy with 30 lbs at this age, unless he gets a growth spurt (Pie did at 12-14 months) he'll be a perfect size for a show boy.