Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Flyball update

Magic seems to love flyball.  How can I tell?  He is so excited just going in to TCOTC now, he leaves sweaty doggy prints. He waits patiently now though, no screaming and just a little whining and  lunging, but those feet do sweat. 

Last night in class we worked on both retrieves around the cone, with the ball resting on the flyball box, and retrieves around the cone, over the board so that Magic is bouncing off the box, while picking up the ball that is resting on the box.  He is doing pretty well with the box, but its funny to see him think about what he is doing. A couple of times he would look at it and look back at me like he was asking if I was sure that he should do this. But when I sent him, he would go, a bit slow, but the next turn would be faster. Soon it will be automatic I am sure.

Then later in the evening when we got to practicing the jumps, Magic got away from the holder before I was all the way to the end of the line.  He shot down the whole line of jumps right past me with no hesitation. He knows that part of his job, and shows the most speed doing it.  I hope that when we start doing jumps toward the box, he has as much speed. Currently even though he runs to the box, its more of a lope than a run. Again, time and confidence may change that.

 I cant be happier with my boy.  And he is doing so well that we were told we should skip level 2 and move right to level 3.  We were also invited to a teams practice to see if we might like to join them. I will be meeting with them this weekend to ask my questions and to see if this is something we want to do. So no committments made as of yet.  I am making a list of questions for them and I am sure they all want to meet me to see if we can work together.  The thing I am most worried about is that I don't want to give up our other performance events so what if I can't make all practices?  But we will see.  

As David said, "Cool, Magic has been scouted!"


Taryn said...

Unfortunately there are not enough hours in the day, nor days in the week, to be active in all the dog sports I would like. And of course, not to mention, that the money would not hold out either!

Oh to be independently wealthy :-)

K-Koira said...

That is so awesome. Its so nice to see it when a dog finds an activity they LOVE.

Good luck with the club meet and greet, make sure to ask all the pressing questions, and see how everyone gets along. Watching how current club members interact will give you major clues to if you want to join them.

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

Go Magic!! I hope you find a team that you both love!

Kristine said...

Finding a team you mesh with is by far the most important factor in having fun in flyball. Team dynamics can be crazy, dramatic or totally mellow, depending on the current mix of team members. In my area we are experiencing quite a shake-up in teams right now. Sounds like you will be ready to go to a tournament soon!