Wednesday, March 9, 2011

A Dilemma

di·lem·ma  a situation in which somebody must choose one of two or more unsatisfactory alternatives

Who to take to the dog show? I have a small car that only fits 2 crates. I am going to a large show with many  events to participate in. Peace is going as she is the one that is invited due to her Top Ten status. But other than weight pull, she isnt ready for other events.

So now I have to choose the other dog who gets to go with, Grace or Magic.

Grace- Its supposed to be the year I focus on Grace.  She is training for both her CD and agility, and I would like for her to earn both this year. She could try for them at Premier.  She could also give lure coursing a try.

Magic-Magic is my do everything dog.  He has his titles for obedience and we are not ready to try for UUD. He could try to earn agility points, we could do rally and work on points toward his rally championship. He would lure course which he loves.  And quite honestly I love going places with Magic. He is easy he is my boy.

So I made a big chart and Grace wins. My heart wants Magic though.


Jules said...

Wow. That is a tough position to be in. It will be a girls trip away!

Laura, Lance, and Vito said...

"unsatisfactory alternatives!" That's just mean ;)

I think you made the right choice. Poor little Grace needs some lovin too! She told me she wants more treats!