Monday, March 7, 2011

Planning the garden

Even though we got more snow last night (BLECH), my thoughts are turning to spring.  I have been planning the summer garden.  With the economy like it is, I want to make sure that what I plan this year will grow and produce the most crop possible in my small little space. And unlike previous years, I am limiting what I grow to things I know we will eat. So beans, peas, carrots, zuchinni,swiss chard, kale, peppers and tomatoes.  For some reason, onions dont do well in my small garden space.  I love cabbage, but they take a lot of room and only produce one head, so we may skip that this year. Same for broccoli and cauliflower. Not enough produce for my limited space.

I ordered some climbing peas, which will be new for us, but I figured if we can go up we get more space.  I have always grown climbing beans for that reason as well. I dont have enough space really to produce enough peas to can or freeze, but I just love fresh peas and even one meals worth makes them worth growing. Beans, well by the end of summer we are usually sick of them, but they are inexpensive and prolific.  Same with the zuchinni. This year I ordered a package of mixed zuchinni seeds, so hopefully we will wind up with several varieties. 

Now I just need to find a way to get some good compost and refresh the soil at my little garden space.


Crystal said...

I wish we had enough sun in our yard for a good garden. I usually like the shady back yard, but... it isn't really conducive to vegetables.

RegentCardis said...

I am looking forward to watching your garden grow. :)